Friday, January 31, 2014

Correspondence Connection Update

Those who visit my blog know that one of my passions is inspiring sponsors in their letter writing ministries to their Compassion children. Our words of love and encouragement are such an important aspect of sponsorship. The connections and relationships are so very valuable.

Last year I shared a Correspondence Connections post where I featured a letter I had written about my daughters and their friends.

Today we received a letter from our little Madina in Uganda.


Greetings from Uganda, hope you are fine. My mother and father greet you. How are Kaya and Luna? I thank you for the letters and pictures which you send me….

Greet Owen and Olivia and also Nancy and Hannah. Thank you for their pictures, they look nice. My friend is called Sharon and we like to play netball. Thank you for the books that you have sent me and the sticker book and the cards.”

I love that, as I had hoped, the letter about Kaya and Luna’s closest friends inspired a connection and response from little Madina. My girls were so excited to read this reply and I was sure to reach out and greet their friends on Madina’s behalf.

Now, not all of our Compassion children reply specifically to our letters and I understand that there are a lot of variables that factor in to why this is. However, we are always excited to get a response like this!

Have you gotten any interesting reply letters from your sponsored children lately? I would love to read about them!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Lord Knows…

Compassion Bloggers ganda Trip 2014

At this very moment, the Compassion Bloggers are in Uganda. My heart has been with them for a while as they prepared for this trip, travelled there and spent their first day.


My excitement is mixed with a bit of heartache as I imagine what it would have been like to be there with them all, witnessing it all with them first hand.

But, what has come to me recently as I start to mourn, is that the Lord knows…

He knew, before the blogging contest in 2012 was promoted, that I would win the prize of a trip with the Compassion bloggers.

He knew that I would be offered a chance to travel to Uganda and that the date of the trip would be pushed back to right now.

He knew that, as I waited in anticipation for my turn to travel and blog, that an unexpected blessing would fall upon us.

  A baby.

None of this has surprised God, even though it was not how I thought it would all play out.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Truthfully, the realization that I was pregnant came right at a time when both my husband and I were struggling in many ways. That positive pregnancy test was a catalyst for a bit of a “shake up” between us. Baby Clay, while he was still smaller than a lima bean, brought hope, no doubt.

The Lord knows.

I am also reminded of this as I read through the posts being published by the Compassion Bloggers in Uganda. Are you keeping up with them?

The bloggers have the difficult task of spending a day in the field, processing all that they witnessed and somehow wrapping their thoughts up into posts that will touch people. A daunting task, truly.

But the Lord knows whose hearts are open to the message and who is ready to commit to sponsoring a child. Sometimes those people just need a little nudge.

Will you take a minute today to help nudge a few hearts? Look through the recent posts by the Compassion Bloggers in Uganda and choose one or more to share via social media. Email links to those who are not a part of social media. Pray that the message would be received by open hearts.

I am looking forward to the upcoming posts and can’t wait to see how the Lord moves His people!