Monday, November 18, 2013

I am a Compassion Grandma!

On Friday I received word that our beloved Kwagala Deborah in Uganda gave birth to a baby boy. The tears came when we were told that she named her precious baby after the heroes in her life.

The name she chose is Michelle Jason Grace.

My husband and I are still processing the fact that, across the ocean, there is a sweet baby named after the two of us. What a profound statement!

Our beautiful daughter and grandson could use your prayers, though. Before the birth, Kwagala Deborah was diagnosed with both malaria and anemia. It is only because of the financial gift that was collected on her behalf before departing the program, that she was able to receive treatment.

Also, her family situation is very difficult and she does not have much support.

Lastly, she was given some questionable breastfeeding advice that may threaten her success in nursing her baby.

All of these situations need fervent prayer.

It is very hard for us to be so far from our lovely daughter and the sporadic communication also poses issues. My husband and I wish there were some way we could bring Kwagala Deborah and baby Jason here to the US and give them the love and support they need. But for now, we give our requests to God and pray that He care for our loved ones so far away.