Monday, October 21, 2013

Mail Call Monday!

I have all of the intentions to get back to blogging regularly, but things seem to get in the way! I do have a Mail Call to share today, though!

Last week, we received a letter from Rodrigo in Bolivia.

Rodrigo writes often and he is such a sweet young man. He thanked us, as usual, for the letters we have sent him and for the drawings we have sent as well. Rodrigo tell us that he has three dogs and one cat and they are lovely and nice. “One of my dogs gives you the paw.”

Rodrigo tells us he is trying hard in school and is doing well. He tells us about a parade he was a part of in August to celebrate the anniversary of Bolivia. Rodrigo played the snare drum and marched with his school marching band. I wish we could have seen that!

His letters are always signed With Love and his love is apparent in his letters. He is such a special boy!

We were also blessed to receive an updated photo of Precious in Ghana which brought tears to my eyes.


What a treat to see a smile on her face and hos much she has grown! I cannot help but reflect on the scared and shy reflection in her first photo and how we have seen a progression of confidence as the updates have come.


Isn’t that quite a change?

I have also received a different kind of Happy Mail in our mailbox this past week.


Cloth diapers!

That is my roundabout way of announcing that the Lord is blessing us with a baby, coming at the end of March! We were not expecting this blessing and it does impact my ability to join the Compassion Bloggers in Uganda at the end of January, but we trust is His plan. We know that this little one will bring joy to our household and that I will be able to join in a bloggers trip as soon as I am able!

I hope that your mail has been happy and that you have heard from your sponsored children recently!