Monday, July 15, 2013

Mail Call Monday!

Several Mondays each month, Compassion International sponsors link up to share the news from their sponsored children around the world.

I have two letters to share today and the first one is from our Magid in Ghana.


Again, I have to say how blessed I am by the letters written by most of our teens. While not all of them write detailed letters, some of them are truly creative in their expression.

Magid says, “God, who cannot be compared, richly and kindly bless you and your family and be with you all, always.”

He goes on to tell us about how he is learning the importance of helping the elderly in the community. I love how these important lessons are shared with the children in the Compassion program!

Our young man then asks a question that amazes me, “Do you have any intention of travelling outside of your country?”

Hmmm, why yes I do!

While my upcoming travel plans will take me to Uganda, in my heart I feel like I will be visiting Ghana within the next few years and hopefully I will meet Magid and also the little girl that started our Compassion journey, Precious!

In wrapping up the letter, Magid shared some lovely prayers for us and prayer requests for himself. His verse for us was Psalm 133:1.

Today we received a letter from our beautiful Guatemalan flower, Yolanda.


As an added bonus, an updated photo of her appeared on our Compassion account this past week, too. Isn’t she just lovely?

The letter was short but chatty. Yolanda shared that she is doing great and she is happy because school started and she is in third grade. She says that she sometimes likes to help her brothers with their homework and she would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

I am always smiling and I am friendly and kind. I always do my homework.”

All wonderful things to read! I love that she has a positive image of herself!

What about you? Did you get any letters from your Compassion children recently? If so, please share in the comments section below!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of my window… After several rainy, humid days, we finally have some sun and a slightly cool breeze. It is refreshing to be able to have the widows open and let some cool, dry air in!

Around the house… A Group 1 Crew station in playing on the internet radio.  I needed something with a beat to help me motivate to clean around the house and get prepared for a pot luck we’re hosting tomorrow.  The hum of the dishwasher is mingling with the purr of a fan. Giggling girls are chatting on the couch. 

On my to-do list… Along with mundane tasks, I have some new, neat things to tackle like getting more info on immunizations and filling in paperwork for my Visa. Wow, just four months before I hope on a big airplane and fly over the ocean!

Speaking of that… As I read back through the posts where I was first drawn to Kwagala Deborah two years ago, I now just smile to see how plainly God was working on me and aligning something beautiful.

There are so many details in our relationship that have God’s fingerprint plainly showing. 

Right now, my beloved Ugandan daughter is going through a bit of a crisis, so I would love it if you could pray for her.  I know that winning the Compassion Bloggers trip was a blessing from the Lord to get me to Uganda “for such a time as this”.

And I am preparing and praying over the big and little details surrounding the tip. High on my list is that the “re-entry” Shaun Groves writes about is going to be very, very difficult for me. Especially coming back to the US at the height of the pre-Christmas Spend Fest. I already know my heart and that I can be cynical and judgemental. It is going to be hard to come back from a developing country and watch as Americans celebrate Christmas in the way they are known to do.

Would you pray for me and the upcoming trip? For the details and the “re-entry”?

Your prayers, support and friendship are all so appreciated.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Feature!

Today I want to feature a really wonderful program!

Kiva Logo


According to their website, Kiva is “a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.”

Through Kiva loans, you can fund or partially fund a project such as business start-up, continuing education, purchases of additional stock and more. These loans can make a BIG impact on the lives of people around the world!

Want to learn more? Click here.

Today, I have a special offer for anyone who has not yet gotten involved in Kiva loans.

If you click this link to my personal referral, you will be given a free $25 to fund a Kiva loan of your choice.

This is a no-risk opportunity for you to see what Kiva is all about and to support someone’s dreams and future! The process is quick and easy! Take a few minutes today to do a good deed and help! Come back and share which project you chose!

If you’ve partnered with Kiva in the past, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Slice of {Our} Life

A Tuesday afternoon, cooking up calabacitas for the burrito dinner…. This video comes up on my Facebook feed.

Dinner prep stops for a few moments as I listen and listen again.



Oh, Lord, how I need you!


Monday, July 1, 2013

One Step Closer….

My heart started pounding while I read the email last August. As I read through the details of the contest Compassion International was holding, I felt like it was quite possibly made for me.

The goal of the contest was to engage bloggers to spread the word about Compassion International and also generate sponsorships. On top of that, there were lots of prizes available to those who participated.

My heart simultaneously leapt and stopped when my eyes came across the grand prize.

“The blogger who brings in the most sponsorships through their blog between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30 will get to travel with some of our top name bloggers to a country where Compassion works.”

I love seeing children sponsored and I love blogging about Compassion. I had been dreaming about travelling to see Compassion at work in their field, specifically in Africa.

All through that September, I was conflicted. I really, really wanted to win that trip. While part of me felt that the contest was actually made for me, I couldn’t really allow myself to think about to too much.  When hope flickered in my heart, I then dealt with thoughts of not being enough.

So many friends prayed for me and took on new sponsorships, in support of the children and my dream.

Then, one October morning, I opened my email to find the Compassion Blog post I had been waiting for. 

blog month

Wow, the emotions that poured over me when I saw that image for the first time!

I relived them again today when an email I opened contained an invitation to join the Compassion Bloggers when they travel to Uganda this fall.


A country where four of our beautiful Compassion International children live.

Shy little Madina, one of the babies of our Compassion family.

Compassion 023

Handsome Onen Patrick, the young man our church sponsored during Blog Month.


Kind and caring Obwini Stephen, a young man co-sponsored with the help of the Blogging from the Boonies community.


And lastly, Kwagala Deborah, the young lady who has stolen my heart and who calls me Mom. I know that we are not supposed to have favorites, but there is an extra special place in my heart for this beautiful girl.


While the details and specifics of my trip are not set yet, I am hopeful that I’ll be able to meet at least a few of these sweet children.

Today, I am just so thankful. To my friends, family and blog readers who have supported me, you have my thanks.  I will be sure to keep you all updated as I hear more about my trip!

Thank you, Lord!