Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday’s This & That

Around the house… Two girls are munching toast while coloring at the dining room table. Lately, they seem to like to get up and get right to drawing or coloring or watercolors.

Outside of my windows…


Everything is so green and lush right now. Hot and humid weather is predicted for later today, so it is good to get out and enjoy a bit of the boonies in the morning while it is still cool. I really love the sound of the birds singing all around the property. Their songs change throughout the day and I find the morning and evening playlists to be the most vibrant.

And a side-order of Mail Call….

Yesterday was one of those great mail days where I found three cream colored envelopes waiting for me!

The first contained a letter and photo of Onen Patrick from Uganda.


Onen is our correspondent that is sponsored by our church.  Last fall, the children in Sunday School collected tithes and offerings to go towards a financial gift for Onen.  He was able to buy school clothes and shoes and also a suitcase for storing his things!

I love that children in Uganda write in English and Onen’s letter sweetly shared what he had been doing in school recently. He also tells us that “the Bible is God’s love letter to us.”

The next letter was from our lovely Uwera in Rwanda.


Uwera’s letter started with a sentence that just grabbed my heart.

“I love you so much!”

Such sweet words to read! Uwera goes on to say that she is so happy with the letters that we send to her. She tells us a bit about school and her family and then closes with another sentence that makes my heart leap with joy.

“I received Jesus as my Savior!”

It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Praise God!

The last letter was from the baby of our family – little Akimana Sonia in Rwanda!


The letter was written on a template titled “My Dreams”. It had several fill in the blank sentences where we learned that our wee girl would someday like to visit us and would like to see God.

We also learned that one day she would like to have a dolly. That sentence stuck with me as I thought about my girls and their room full of toys and dolls and stuffed animals. It is hard to imagine a little girl without a doll to play with.

On the back of the letter, which was written by an aunt, it says that Akimana is so happy with the letters we've sent her and she is excited to receive them. Then, once again I read the words, “She loves you so much together with her family.”

Such a blessing to have these sweet children in our lives and in our hearts!

But, the thought of a little girl dreaming for a dolly stuck with me after I set the letters down. On a whim, I took to social media and stopped by a few Facebook pages dedicated to Compassion Advocates.  I asked if anyone was planning to go to Rwanda in the coming year and would be willing to take a dolly for little Akimana.

Within the hour, I had a reply from a woman in Florida who said she was actually leaving in 24 hours for a trip to Africa and she would be visiting her children in Rwanda. I didn’t know how I could possibly get a doll to her in such a short time when this woman made an offer that brought tears to my eyes. She volunteered to go to a store before leaving for her trip and buy a dolly for little Akimana.

In a few weeks, our sweetie in Rwanda will have her wish!


Isn’t God so good?  I hope that Akimana has a lot of fun playing with her baby doll! Will you join me in praying for Sherie as she embarks on her journey to Africa?

I need to get started on my work before the heat of the day comes.  I hope that you have had a good week so far! Do you have a little bit of This & That to share? Please share in the comments section!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of the window… Hummingbirds are chattering and zipping around and visiting our feeder. The sky is grey with a hint of impending rain.

Around the house… One girl reads on the couch while another colors at the dining room table.  Mikey the cockatiel is ringing the bell in his cage, sounding like a Salvation Army kettle volunteer at Christmas-time.

Things in our neck of the boonies…  Truthfully, we’ve got a lot on our plates and are navigating several stressful situations. You know the image of the circus act where someone tries to keep a dozen plates spinning on rods? Life has been feeling like that a lot lately, only most of the plates seem to be wobbling to the point that they’re just an instant from falling and shattering.

I’ve been getting by, trying to focus not on the big picture but the little joys and treasures to be found in each day. When my mind wanders to a place of worry and anxiety, I try to stop myself and turn my focus to little moments in the day that bring a smile. Lately it is those little gifts in the day that have really helped, forcing myself to seek them out and acknowledge them.

In many cases, those moments of joy come from these two blessings….


An eleven year old who is growing and maturing a bit faster than I would like. A girl with a heart that is naturally compassionate and generous.  A young lady willing to give almost all of the money she’s saved up, in order to help pregnant women facing a big decision.




A spunky six year old who is full of confidence and adventure.


Freckles and giggles and sass, all rolled into one little package.


Subtle, or not so subtle reminders that the Lord God is with us. In times of trials or in times of peace, we have a Savior who loves us and we have the promise of a future in a place where there will be no more worries or tears.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday’s This and That!

Outside of my window… The sun is shining on the vibrant green new leaves on all of the trees. In the last two weeks, the branches have gone from bare to flaunting leaves, making our little section of the boonies even more beautiful.

Around the house… One girlie is still sleeping peacefully while the younger one plays quietly. The washing machine is churning to its usual rhythm and the aroma of coffee is being carried through the house on the cool morning breeze that is coming through a few open windows.

Our week in review… We have really been enjoying the exceptional weather in our area.  For many days we have been blessed with sun, brilliant blue skies and comfortable temperatures reaching mid-70s to low 80s. Weather like this makes it hard to want to stay inside and so things like blogging (and sometimes cleaning) fall to the wayside. Instead, bike riding, walks, exploring creek beds, games of tennis, trips to the playground, riding horses and other outdoor activities have been preferred.

At the end of the day, you can tell how much fun has been had by how dirty all of the little toes are.

Thankfully….  When I feel too busy to work on an actual blog post, I can still check in and chat a bit on the Blogging from the Boonies Facebook page. (What? You’re not a part of our community yet? What are you waiting for? Click here and “like”! )

Here are just a few pictures from our week.






I hope that your week has been blessed.  What is one of your favorite moments from this past week?  I’d love it if you would share in the comments section!