Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye

The sands in the hourglass of 2013 are slipping away. In so many ways, I am relieved to see this year pass.

It has been a difficult year for our family in so many ways. Really, the troubles seemed to start in the fall of 2012, but they kept on coming throughout 2013.

We faced battles of every kind ~ deep, personal attacks that seemed unrelenting at times.

I have tried to keep swimming through financial issues, personal and emotional hurdles, trials in my marriage, business woes and grieving over the path one of our loved ones is taking.

Losing the chance at a much anticipated trip to Uganda with the Compassion Bloggers was a blow that rattled me much more than I would have thought possible. Yes, the reasons for not being able to take the trip come with the unexpected blessing of a new baby on the way, still my heart shattered and my mind questioned the timing of it all.

In processing that loss, it seems I have lost my words and a bit of the driving passion to blog for the organization that means so much to me. Every time I sit down and try to speak on this little platform on the web, my heart breaks and tears well up for what is apparently not meant to be. At least, not right now.

It is bittersweet to try to come to terms that my feet will not be standing on the red clay of Africa anytime soon and, we will instead be welcoming a baby boy with a fitting name ~ Clay.

Lastly, as the door starts to swing closed on this year, we were given the news that my mother will be undertaking a journey of her own. Her journey will be a battle against that insidious C-word. Cancer.

Of course, your prayers are appreciated.

Looking back at 2013, there are blessings and bright spots sprinkled throughout the pages of days. I hope, as we turn to a fresh blank page in 2014, that the blessings and bright spots will outshine the burdens and trials.

Thank you to those who have stuck around despite my absence here on the blog and who have prayed for our family this year.

Today, I say goodbye to 2013. May 2014 be a better year for all of us!