Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Long Overdue Mail Call

You know how life is…  Ups and downs, unexpected turns – we have been through all of these in the last few months and this little blog has been neglected.

While I have managed to keep up with monthly letters to our Compassion family online using the letter writing tool on the Compassion website, I have a stack of letters waiting for a handwritten reply and some goodies.


I haven’t sent a collection of handwritten letters in to the Compassion headquarters since late June or early July, I believe. Now that life seems to be settling down a bit and we are back to the schedule and routine of the homeschool year, those reply letters are going to get moved to the top of the priority list.

Now, it would take quite a while to go through all of these letters and share highlights, so I’ll just be picking and choosing some of my favorite tidbits here today.

I always love getting pictures in the mail, so I was very happy to receive this picture of our Yishak in Ethiopia, with his family on his birthday.


As is common with many children in Ethiopia, I do not hear from our Yishak very often and the letters we do receive are often short. However, each year, we are blessed with a family picture that comes about five to six months after Yishak’s birthday. He has such a good looking family and it has been nice to see how everyone is growing!

The letter that came with this picture was one of the most lively and engaging we have received in the past four years. We learned that Yishak is doing very well in school and has moved on to 10th grade. He thanks us for all of our letters and tells us he is always thinking of us in his prayers. That brought a smile to my face!

We heard from the bubbly and enthusiastic Meenadevi in India.


Prior to being assigned as our correspondent child in December, Meenadevi had had one sponsor through her time in Compassion and had last received a letter in 2007.  In this letter, her excitement over receiving love and encouragement is unmistakable. Her thankfulness and love seems to pour off of the paper.

“I am so excited to receive your loving, Uncle and Aunty. I am excited to know about you and your family and read the interesting news in your letters… Aunty, please convey all of my love and prayers to all in my correspondents home. I am happy to learn about Luna and Kaya.”

She goes on to share many little details about her life, interests and family. She replies to many things we have shared in our letters to her, recalling specific details and sharing compliments all the while.

I am so thankful that her financial sponsor agreed to let Compassion connect Meenadevi with a correspondent and I feel so blessed that we are the lucky ones!  Our sweet girl signs her letter with, “Your Love is Ever Remembered”.

As usual, the letters from our Kenyan Alice and Ncheshia came on the same day.

Alice2013                      Ncheshia2012

Both children mentioned the teacher’s strike and asked for prayer for the resolution. It is clear how much they both value education and how important it is to them. Ncheshia asks, “Please pray for God to intervene so that they call call off the strikes as I am much affected academically.”  Alice shares, “Please pray that we go back to school soon, Before the strike we had done exams and I was position number one with 327 marks and I am very proud.”

We also learned about a Fun Day they had at Alice’s school where the children were given rides on horses and camels. My own little horse lovers thought that was wonderful!

Other tidbits from some of our recent letters:

Rodrigo in Bolivia: “We have finished our trimester at school and I am calm but it doesn’t mean that I will stop doing my bit in my studies. As you may know, I dream of being a police officer, so I have to be worthy and not give up.”

Uwera in Rwanda: “I hope that you are doing good and I request more photos and I will be so happy. The pictures of your children make me so happy.”

Kazihizina in Rwanda: “Thank you for all of the letters you send to me. I am so happy to know about your news. If you have got any problems, you please tell me.”

Elin in El Salvador: “I learn about God at the project. I accepted Christ into my heart in 2007. I am so excited to write to you.”

As I go through the stack of letters again and read the sweet words, my inspiration is rekindled to sit down and spend some time working on personal hand written replies to these beautiful children. They are truly blessings in our lives!

Have you received any letters from your Compassion children recently? Are you working on letters, either online or hand written? Leave a comment and tell me about them!