Monday, June 24, 2013

Mail Call Monday!

Several Mondays each month, Compassion International sponsors link up to share the news from their sponsored children around the world.

Today was a Kenyan mail call! It seems as if Kenya may be on an every-other-month schedule when it comes to writing and I was happy to find two letters in our mailbox today!

First I opened a letter from Alice.


She opens by thanking us for the letters and pictures we have sent to her. The specifically mentions some pictures that were “very beautiful and shining like a star.” I do wonder which ones she is referring to!

Answering some questions, Alice tells us that she goes to church every Sunday with her entire family and that they have a keyboard and guitar that they use for worship. She also says that in her daily life she uses both English and Kiswahili. I love that she answers some of our questions!

Alice goes on to tell us all about a camp she attended. She had a lot of fun with the games and was proud when her group, called The Tigers, won a competition! She also enjoyed all of the foods at camp, like rice, meat, chapati, oranges, mangoes, pawpaw and more. Sounds like a wonderful time!

In keeping with her area of expertise, Alice shared yet another Science themed drawing on the back.


I love her writing and that she has a passion for Science! In the past she has also drawn diagrams of body organs, plant structure and more!

The other letter we received was from our handsome Ncheshia!


He opens by saying that he thanks God for the chance to write and say “How are you?”

Ncheshia goes on to tell us how much he enjoys playing soccer and that his favorite foods are meat, milk, chapati and mangoes.

We learn that he goes to school Monday through Friday and then goes to the project on Saturday.  He enjoys learning to use the computer at his project and is good at the beadwork they are learning.

“I love God so much and I also love you but in all, God loves you more than anything.”


Ncheshia’s chatty letter also tells us that he has a dog named Simba which means “lion”. He tells us that he is doing well in school and likes Science. 

He tells us that he prays for our family every day. What a thought!

The letter closes with Ncheshia sharing that he would like to become a bank manager some day and that he would like to help the nation of Kenya and even help orphaned children. Such a wonderful young man!

The verse he shares with us is Psalm 121:1-2.

I really love the letters from our Kenyan children. They are so full of great information! I learn something with each and every letter! The frequency of letters really helps us to feel connected to Alice and Ncheshia, too!

What about you? Have you heard from any of your compassion children lately? I’d love to hear about your letters!