Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kwagala’s Dream

From the moment I saw her face on the Compassion website, it was a matter if faith.


My connection to Kwagala Deobrah was instant.

Asking others to join in and help fund the sponsorship was a step of faith.

As I shared in this post, I had a little internal argument before sharing the mission to sponsor her….

A week ago, almost to the hour, I sat with coffee in hand and argued with myself. Well, not so much myself, as I believe I was arguing with God.

“Post on your blog. See if you can find a group of people willing to help you out with sponsorship.”

“I don’t want to get my hopes up and get disappointed. What if a few donate and we can cover her for a few months, and then the funds run out and we can’t continue.”

“Post on your blog. Amy was able to coordinate the group-sponsorship of Agnes. You have a lot of passionate readers with big hearts.”

“But, what if NO ONE is interested? What if I look like a fool? Someone who is always asking people for something.”

“Post. On. Your. Blog.”

Back and forth I went until I decided to just try, to put it out there and see what would happen.

Well, love happened.”

It has been two years, almost to the day, since this beautiful young lady was sponsored.  Those two years have been such a blessing, as I have gotten to know more about this sweet girl in Uganda who now calls me Mom.

Kwagala Deborah’s story is hard to swallow. A father who died. A mother who walked out on three little girls. As the older sister, she stepped up at the age of eight to care for her siblings. Raking in rubbish bins for scraps of food before Compassion and a children’s home in her town stepped in to provide care.

But Hope has come in a group of people willing to work together, providing money, prayers and support.

I’ve recently learned that Kwagala Deborah is no longer living at the children’s home, at age 19 she has quite possibly “aged out” of the program.  She is pursuing her dream of opening her own beauty salon.

After receiving a letter this past winter where KD shared her dream, my daughter Kaya drew this picture to send to her sister in Uganda.

As we were told by the staff at the children’s home, the biggest obstacles to Kwagala’s dream will be organization and finance. Starting a business is not easy, especially for a young lady with little in the way of resources.

So, in a step of faith, I am coming to you all with an opportunity to bless this lovely girl. Next week I hope to send a financial gift to help Kwagala in this transition time of being on her own and trying to start her salon.

If you would be able to help with this gift, please feel free to send Paypal to If you would like to give but do not have a Paypal account, please email me at mjw4compassion at gmail dot com and I can send you a Paypal invoice which can be paid with any credit card.

And, of course, prayers are always appreciated as well! Thank you!