Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Plea for Pascal

Last September, I cam across a slightly scowling young man from Uganda on the Compassion International website.

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Pascal was listed in both of the searches I do when I go to the Compassion website to pray over children. As one of the oldest on the site and also an orphan, by heart went out to this young man.

Knowing that teen boys do not easily find sponsors, I shared his profile here and there, hoping he would be chosen.

He was actually sponsored in September but his sponsorship was ended within a month or two. I had searched for him a few times, but had not found him on any Compassion sites.

This morning, though, a familiar face popped up when I went to Compassion to pray over the oldest children.

Pascal is looking for a sponsor and I would be so happy to know that he was chosen by a caring and dedicated sponsor who was willing to see him through to the completion of the program.

Is that sponsor you?

If you would like to visit Pascal’s profile, please click on his image above. If you cannot sponsor, please consider praying for him and sharing this post with others.

Thank you so much!