Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of the window… Hummingbirds are chattering and zipping around and visiting our feeder. The sky is grey with a hint of impending rain.

Around the house… One girl reads on the couch while another colors at the dining room table.  Mikey the cockatiel is ringing the bell in his cage, sounding like a Salvation Army kettle volunteer at Christmas-time.

Things in our neck of the boonies…  Truthfully, we’ve got a lot on our plates and are navigating several stressful situations. You know the image of the circus act where someone tries to keep a dozen plates spinning on rods? Life has been feeling like that a lot lately, only most of the plates seem to be wobbling to the point that they’re just an instant from falling and shattering.

I’ve been getting by, trying to focus not on the big picture but the little joys and treasures to be found in each day. When my mind wanders to a place of worry and anxiety, I try to stop myself and turn my focus to little moments in the day that bring a smile. Lately it is those little gifts in the day that have really helped, forcing myself to seek them out and acknowledge them.

In many cases, those moments of joy come from these two blessings….


An eleven year old who is growing and maturing a bit faster than I would like. A girl with a heart that is naturally compassionate and generous.  A young lady willing to give almost all of the money she’s saved up, in order to help pregnant women facing a big decision.




A spunky six year old who is full of confidence and adventure.


Freckles and giggles and sass, all rolled into one little package.


Subtle, or not so subtle reminders that the Lord God is with us. In times of trials or in times of peace, we have a Savior who loves us and we have the promise of a future in a place where there will be no more worries or tears.