Monday, April 29, 2013

Mail Call Monday!

Several Mondays each month, Compassion International sponsors link up to share the news from their sponsored children around the world.


Last week’s series ran from Monday through Friday, so I didn’t publish a Mail Call post.  I have been so excited to find some Happy Mail in our mailbox recently, so I have plenty to share today!

We received our first letter from Uwera Noella in Rwanda! She was assigned as a correspondent child in December, so we have been eagerly waiting to learn more about her!


In the introductory letter, Noella told us some of the basics, including the names of her family members and things like her favorite subjects and foods. We also learned that Noella hopes to become a medical doctor, which is a high aspiration! We will do all that we can to encourage her in this dream!

In the letter, Noella asks, “I wish to know when you will come to visit us here in Rwanda.” That is a question that I try to answer very delicately.  I know of more than one sponsor who responded to something like this by saying that they would love to come visit but cannot, and the child read it to mean that they actually would be visiting.

Noella’s prayer for us is that we will have peace and blessings from God and, due to some things we’re going through, this really meant a lot to me.  Also, her favorite Bible verse was listed as Matthew 7:7 which is a verse that was very important in my journey to seeking God.

We received two letters from Mkapa in Tanzania this week.


He thanked us for a financial birthday gift and also his Christmas gift and shares that he was able to buy some new pants and shorts. He also said, “Thanks for all of the letters and photos you send to me. I’ve enjoyed them a lot. May God bless you for your remembrance of me.”

Then, at the end of one of the letters was a closing that knocked the breath out of me. On a personal level, our family has had some difficulties lately and I had just received the news that our monthly income would be cut drastically.  I had been in a panic for over a week and have been praying for the Lord to show us some wisdom on the situation.

That wisdom came in the form of some words that travelled halfway across the world, penned by a sweet young man living in a hut on the plains of Tanzania.


I was quite literally stunned the first time I read this, thinking I must have misread. Reading it a second and third time, I could not get over the thoughts that this message was a direct hit.

I have printed the image above and have it placed on my refrigerator. when worry starts to sweep over me, I remind myself to read the words Mkapa sent to us and it really has helped me tremendously. I thank the Lord for the encouragement it has brought.

We also received our first letter from Meenadevi in India. My girls think that this beautiful girl looks like some sort of princess.


I had been eager to hear from Meenadevi since she was assigned to us as a correspondent in December. I had no idea what a sweet and thoughtful lady she would turn out to be!

The letter was written in English and filled the front and back of the sheet of paper. Here is an excerpt:

“I am excited to read your three loving letters with many beautiful photos on them. How are you Jason Uncle, Michelle Aunty sisters Luna and Kaya? Aunty, I thank you very much for your love on me. I am so happy to write this letter to you. Aunty and Uncle, I am so happy to know more about your family, your interests and pets. Aunty, yourself and Uncle, sisters Kaya and Luna are very cute in the photos.....Your pet dog Scruffy is beautiful in the photo. aunty, I wish to play in the snowflakes upon seeing the snowfall in the photos. We do not receive such snowfall in our area. Aunty and Uncle, I wish to share all about me to you through letters. I read all of the things that you shared about Jesus and your family. Aunty, I am so happy that you call me as a special child.... In some houses here, they decorate houses and trees with lights, hangings, bells stars, etc. Some stars hanging at homes seem to have come down from the sky....I pray for you all daily.”

In the letter, she also shared some personal details about her family, her home and her prayer requests. The letter was just filled with details and affection.

A first for our nearly four years of being involved with Compassion, Meenadevi also attached something extra to her letter.


Yes, she sent us a package of stickers!

I thought that was just so sweet, that she would think to send us something with her letter to us.  I have read her letter many times since it arrived and I am blessed by the excitement and love that Meenadevi shared with her words. I happened to think of it last night and looked in my email folders to find the email Compassion sent with a little of Meenadevi’s history.

“Meenadevi has had only one sponsor and has not received any letters since 2007.”

I can only imagine how sad it must be to go years and years without receiving a response to her letters. I think she was probably very excited when our first letter was given to her and then more letters followed in the weeks after. I don’t know the reason why Meenadevi’s sponsors stopped writing and I wonder if they know that they are missing out on a relationship with a young lady with sweet words and love to share.

However, I am so thankful for the opportunity to step in and correspond. It really is a blessing!

What about you? Did you get any letters from your Compassion children this past week? If so, please share in the comments section below!