Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lives Changed

I think, for many of us, when we take that leap of faith to sponsor a child, it is with the hope that our small sacrifice will impact the life of that child.

As we read about all of ways the Compassion program works in the lives of the children who are enrolled, we are hopeful that our child will reap the benefits and be changed.

However, when you hear the testimony of people who have actually been a part of the Compassion program, those hopes become assurances.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and talk to many Compassion International graduates. When you hear a bit of their “before” and their journey to “after” it becomes very clear.

Compassion Changes Lives.

Yesterday, I happened to find one of Compassion’s new videos featuring our friend Jey Mbiro. Our family has been able to spend some time with Jey, both at an Advocate Conference and also at the Kingdom Bound festival, and he is such a remarkable young man. I teared up when I watched his video.

Imprisoned at the age of nine, Jey reaches out to a God he’s not even sure exists. Goosebumps broke out when I heard how his cry for help was so similar to the one that both my husband and I sent out when we were at the end of ourselves.

After watching Jey’s video, I came across one featuring Olive from Uganda.

Another powerful and impactful testimony from someone who gained hope and faith from what the Compassion program offers.

“My life has changed only because someone believed that they could make a difference… That they could release a child from poverty. And I’m here only because Christ lives in me and Christ worked through my sponsors to transform me and to heal me.”

Wow.  Let that sink in just a minute.

When you sponsor a child, you have the potential to impact a life in a real and tangible way. You become the hands and feel of Jesus and are able to help transform and heal a child.

Today, I’d like to share a young lady that has touched my heart.  Her name is Molly.

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This beautiful young lady is an orphan in Uganda who lives with her grandmother. If you would like to learn more about her, click on her picture.

I pray that today is the day that someone says yes  to the lovely Molly and begins a ministry to impact her life.

Compassion changes lives and YOU can help!