Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Correspondence Connections

A fairly new feature at Blogging From The Boonies, these Correspondence Connections posts share some of the things we’ve written to our Compassion International children.

Many sponsors understand the importance of their letters to their sponsored children, but may run out of ideas of things to write about each month.  Sometimes, hearing what other are writing about can spark new ideas!

My current plan is to write a theme letter online to all 19 of our children every month. These duplicate letters are slightly edited to be specific to each child, but share the same basic information and photos. (Handwritten letters are all totally different and each child gets one of those every month or two.)

In March, our round of online letters was about mail!

First, I told the children how often mail is delivered to homes in the US and described some of the different types of mailboxes that can be found. I included a picture of a couple of traditional metal mailboxes that I found online, careful not to include any with house numbers on them.


I shared how exciting it was to check the mail each day and how I hoped for a cream colored envelope that has “A Message From Your Sponsored Child” stamped on the front. I attached a picture of a Compassion envelope with our home address cropped out.


I talked about how we have to walk about five minutes to our mailbox and mentioned some of the sights we see along the way. 


After that, I took the time to try to explain the excitement to receive a letter from the child and how I usually open the envelope right beside my mailbox because we are so eager to read the news! I wonder what the children will think when they read about the little Happy Dance that I do when I find a Compassion envelope in the mail?

After talking about our mail experience, I asked a few questions about mail in their countries. I asked how often mail is delivered to the Child Development Center and if names are called or if the staff comes to the child the deliver the letters. I also asked if there was anything specific they liked about our letters.

I do wonder if we will get answers to these questions. I think it would be really interesting to hear what the children have to say on the topic.  I also would love to know if specific children have a preference for things like stickers, coloring sheets, books, and so on.

This month’s online letters will probably be about friendship. I wanted to share a little more about my daughters’ friends, adding pictures and details about the kinds of things they like to do together. I hope it will open the door for our Compassion children to share more about their friends and what they like to do together.

I would love to hear what you have been writing about lately! Please share in the comments! If you’ve got a Correspondence Connections post to link up, please leave that in the comments section as well!


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