Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today is the Day!

Like many American households, the kitchen tends to be the center of our home. Aside from the regular three meals a day, there are plenty of snacks eaten in between.

Today is going to be different.

Today we will be participating in Compassion’s One Meal - One Day.


One Meal - One Day is an annual event that unites thousands of people with the challenge to skip a meal, experience hunger and give funds so that children in poverty can receive the help they desperately need.

In years past, we have donated funds to the One Meal - One Day cause, but this year we are committed to actually skipping snacks and a meal in order to get a better idea of what hunger feels like.

Like most people in the First World, we don’t have a real picture of what hunger  really is. Even after this one day experiment, we still will not truly understand what it is like to live with chronic hunger. However, I do hope that it will open our eyes a bit.

Our plan is to have breakfast but to skip mid-morning snack, lunch and mid-afternoon snack. I am encouraging my two girls to do this as well, but I will not force them to participate if they decide that they really want to eat.  I am hoping that they will follow through with the entire experience, though.

While experiencing the gnawing sense of hunger is one aspect of this event, I also think it is good to broaden our minds and learn how others in this world deal with their lack of food.

Earlier this week, I learned about Hatian mud cookies.

I also read up on pagpag, a type of food scavenged from the garbage in the Philippines. You can learn more about it here.

My research only reinforced what I already knew.

Those of us with access to food and clean water on a daily basis are truly blessed in ways we do not fully understand or appreciate.

Today, I will ask you, even if you do not have the desire to skip a meal, will you consider donating even just $5 to Compassion’s One Meal – One Day fund drive? Your small sacrifice can bring the comfort of a filling and nutritious meal to a child in Ethiopia, where the funds will be focused in the coming year.


Please follow this link to a secure First Giving site to make your donation.

Thank you so much!