Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday This & That

Around the house… the girls are working on a bit of learning while sunshine streams into the windows. It is still cold in our neck of the woods, but the angle (and mere presence) of the sun tells us that spring is near!

Our plans for the day… include heading out for homeschool group at the YMCA and running some errands.  Tonight, Jay and I are going to be working a Compassion table at a Ken Davis comedy show. I love working tables with my husband, so I am looking forward to an evening away with him. I’m also praying that some children will find sponsors tonight!

Some pictures from the past weeks…



Winter is still holding on!


We had a homeschool field trip to a sugar shack!


And we even got to see how maple syrup was made long ago!

One of the highlights of my past week… was receiving my sponsorship pendant!


Dawn from Funky Fish Designs did a wonderful job on this piece and I love wearing it! I have already had several conversations pop up about Compassion International sponsorship, thanks to people noticing the pendant and asking about it!

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I’ll be slamming another cup of coffee before I head out for a busy day! I hope that your day is wonderful, friends!