Friday, March 8, 2013

One Meal–One Day

As six year olds are prone to doing, our Luna must be close to another growth spurt.

The kitchen is a busy place as she comes to “graze” several times in between meals. The thought came to me a few days ago – how hard it must be to look into the face of a child who is truly hungry and tell them there is nothing to be had.

It is a reality that is hard to fathom for most of us here in the United States.

In some countries, an average child may have some weak tea for breakfast and one bland meal in a day’s time.


Owen, a Compassion graduate, told me about how his mother would put a pot of water on to boil some days, hoping that they would find something, anything, to put in that pot. Many days, they fell asleep waiting…..

Each year, Compassion International hosts an event called One Meal One Day.


One Meal One Day is an annual event that unites thousands of people with the challenge to skip a meal, experience hunger and give funds so that children in poverty can receive the help they desperately need.

I know that our family could join in the challenge and skip a meal! I’d love to invite the Blogging From the Boonies community to join us!

Will you take a minute to visit the

BFTB event page on First Giving?

My goal is to come together as a community and raise $200 dollars! If you are on Facebook, you can visit and share the event page there as well!

Together, we can make a small sacrifice and make a difference in the lives of hungry children in Ethiopia!