Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Feature

A few times a week, I like to hop over to the Compassion International website to look at and pray over the children who are available for sponsorship.

As I mentioned in this post, I have a bit of a method of how I look through the children. The listing of orphans is usually my first stop.

Yesterday, as I was looking and praying, I came across a young man that caught my eye and tugged on my heart.

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It was Abdu's bare feet that first caught my eye. 

I have a heart for Uganda and a soft spot for teens of that country. I cannot say how much I have enjoyed corresponding with our Ugandan teens.

Reading more about Abdu, I found that he lives with foster parents who are also church workers. He shares the home with 9 other children, and I assume that the foster parents have taken in a number of orphans. I also see that, despite the hardships, Abdu manages to be listed as above average in schooling.

While I do believe that all children are special, when I look at Abdu I see something different, unique, "set apart". I would just love to see him sponsored by someone who will be a devoted part of his life.

Will you take a minute to look at Abdu's profile and pray over him?

Praise God!

Abdu has been sponsored!