Monday, February 25, 2013

Mail Call Monday!

It has been a busy and exciting mail week! Not only have we received a number of letters from our Compassion family, I also received some other lovely items in the mail!

First, we received a letter from our handsome Rodrigo in Bolivia!

Rodrigo opens his letter thanking us for the letters and pictures that we send to him, sharing, “I really like to get these gifts.”  He goes on to tell us about the weather in his area and how his three pets like to play ball. Rodrigo shares that his entire family does go to church together. We had asked him about that because a year or so ago he asked that pray that his father would join the family on Sundays.

We learned that Rodrigo’s school year ended and they have an exposition at the church that is enjoyed by many. He says that they do a play and some dancing and “practice how to make money and other things.”

As usual, Rodrigo closes his letter “with a lot of affection” which makes me smile every time.

The next letter we received was from our lovely Alice in Kenya. We were excited to have a gift photo stapled to the letter!


With a $25 birthday gift, Alice was able to buy an assortment of items, including clothing, shoes and school supplies. My little fashionista girls were excited to see that Alice bought a pair of “fancy shoes”. 

Alice also told us a little about the elections in Kenya and asked for prayers for her country. She also told us that she was doing well in school and that she was “number two position with three hundred and eleven marks.” I don’t know a lot about the Kenyan school system, but I think that means she is at the top of her class!

Another letter arrived from our Ncheshia in Kenya as well! It seems like most projects in Kenya are settling into the pattern of writing every other month!

While Ncheshia had a project staff write his letter, it was filled with a lot of references to letters and items we had sent to him. Ncheshia said he was really interested to learn about all of the different types of weather we have here in NY and he especially loved the pictures of fall foliage and of Kaya and Luna playing in fallen leaves. He told us that it does get cold in his area but they have never had snow. (I wonder what he will think of all of the snow pictures we have sent over the last few months!)

About the question you asked about the beautiful things in his home area, he says that he likes seeing the mountain ranges, hills and flowering plants, especially in the sunset.”

I can only imagine how beautiful those sights must be!

Now, aside from letters, I also received a few packages that were full of awesome goodness!

For Christmas, I received a gift card to spend any way I wished.  It is hard for me to actually spend money on myself, but after thinking it over for a few months, I made a few purchases for some things I had been wanting.

One of my favorite places to shop online is Come Together Trading Company. I love their fair-trade products and enjoy looking at the various wares made around the world.  I ended up ordering two Ugandan paper bead necklaces from God is Able and another beautiful necklace made in India.


The aqua colored glass beads on this necklace seem to glow from within! It is so lovely!

Today, my custom pendant from Funky Fish Designs arrived in the mail!


I have been wanting a stamped pendant for quite a while. When our Kwagala asked if she could call me Mom, I thought it would be nice to have something tangible that listed her as one of my daughters. A friend suggested Funky Fish Designs and as soon as I read their About section and saw their selection, I knew I wanted to order from them.

This pendant arrived just days within my order and the designer, Dawn, was even able to handle my request of having a lobster clasp at the top so I could attach the pendant to different necklaces.

So, all in all, it has been a fabulous mail week!

What about you?  If you’ve been blessed with Happy Mail, please share in the comments section!