Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

I meant to get a This and That post published yesterday but the day got away from me.  By the time we got home from homeschool group at the YMCA and errands, I had used up almost all of my coherent thoughts for the day.

Today, I wanted to share a blog that topped my “favorites” list this past week.

Ronda shared so many wonderful pictures and and bits of info from her recent trip to Uganda and I spent a lot of time pouring through her posts. If you’re interested in checking that out, feel free to visit her blog - Along Unfamiliar Paths.

One other favorite from my week was finding a new picture of the baby of our family, little Akimana, on my Compassion account.

Our first picture of her showed and shy and sickly looking girl with an IV port in her hand.


Her new picture shows how much she has grown! She looks so much healthier, don’t you think?


I think she is as cute as can be and am blessed to see how she has changed since the last photo was taken.

So, did you have any favorite posts or moments from the week that you would like to share?  Leave a comment and share!