Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Made It!

It was a whirlwind of a week!

Monday marked the start of the town’s Summer Rec program. Our town offers very low cost swim lessons, tennis lessons, arts and crafts glasses and more. My girls have taken part in this for a few years now and they love it!

Kaya is doing so well in tennis, which makes me so happy!  I played on the team in school and was pretty good, so I love seeing Kaya take to the sport.  I was so sad that my broken toe kept me from being able to hit the ball around with Kaya, but hopefully it will feel better next week!


Being homeschoolers, my girls are not used to having to get up and quickly eat and get dressed. Our mornings are usually pretty relaxed, so it has been an adjustment to get out the door every morning, with everything we need.

This week, my girls also took part in a VBS at a nearby church.  The theme for the VBS was Egypt and it was a wonderful program! The fellowship hall was decorated to look like an Egyptian market and there were a lot of really neat activities like brick making, basket weaving and a display of a half dozen beautiful snakes.


Luna loved the cute costumes they provided, which if course had to be paired with pink “yeehaw” boots!

On the last day of VBS, they were going over the Bible points and Bible verses the lessons had focused on. I smiled as Luna frantically waved her hand to be the one chosen to recite Jeremiah 29:11, but I was shocked and proud when she actually said the whole verse with just one small mistake!

Today, my to-do list is a long one, to make up for being so busy this last week.  On the agenda, I also plan to get letters out to our Compassion children. During busy times this this, I am so thankful for the online letter writing tool that will allow me to upload pictures and duplicate part of letters. I think that our children will enjoy hearing about this week’s VBS classes and seeing pictures of it as well! I plan to encourage each of our children to memorize at least one of the verses from VBS.

If you have a minute, I would love to hear from you. (I know I have a lot of lurkers who haven’t commented before! It would be such a treat to get to know a little more about you!)

How is your summer going so far?  Have you written to your Compassion children lately? And if so, what have you written about?

I hope that your weekend is just lovely! These summer days fly by so fast! Enjoy them!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The New OurCompassion is LIVE!

With the news of the wildfires threatening Colorado Springs and creeping closer to Compassion’s Global Ministry Center, I assumed that the launch of the new Our Compassion might not happen yesterday as planned.

But, later in the day, the new format was applied.

So far, most of the members seem to love it!  It is easier to use, loads faster and has a lot more potential.

I’d like to encourage you to click the button below and hop over to check out the new OurCompassion site!

(If you are having issues logging in, click the “Contact” button on the lower left hand side of the OC screen and let them know your name and email address!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Sponsor-versary!

Three years ago today, we clicked the “Sponsor This Child” button for the very first time.

I had heard about Compassion International in passing from a friend. Something in my heart led me to look into it more and being somewhat of a skeptic, I researched for about two weeks. I used my Google-Fu skills to search high and low and didn’t find anything about the organization that put up red flags. Then, I approached my husband about it. We are a single income family and we’re certainly not rollin’ in the dough, but I thought it would be really good for us to do something for at least one child living in poverty. I had looked through most of the children on the Compassion website and was drawn to this precious girl in a yellow dress with a shy and somewhat apprehensive look on her face. Her name said it all ~ Precious.

Compassion 033

We had a small piece of land up for sale and had quite a few bites, so my husband said that if we sold it for the price we were asking, we could go ahead and start sponsorship. A few days later, the sale went through and we had a down payment in our hands. I can remember the moment clearly, being down in the basement woodshop talking to Jay and he said, “Ok, go ahead. We can sponsor Precious now!” I cried tears of joy and did a happy dance and then ran up to the computer, hoping that she’d still be there on the website. She was, and the rest is history. It wasn’t until the sponsorship went through that I noticed that we had missed her birthday by one day. The Compassion website has an option to send a financial gift to your child or family (they get 100% of the gift money), so I talked to Jay and we sent her $20. We knew it would take a few months to get to her, but better late than never, right?

A few months later, we received this photo.

Precious is here with her grandmother and father, siblings and many of the children from her project ( GH220 ~ Bisease Methodist Child Development Center) With that $20 she received a dress, shoes, sponge, toothbrush and toothpaste, paints, books and had enough left over to treat her friends to some soda, a rare treat! Twenty dollars. I was blown away when the reality of it hit me.

These three years of being involved with Compassion have been incredible and life-changing. It has changed how we look at “wants vs. needs” and the resources that God provides for us. It has helped up to see that we can change the world for one child without a huge sacrifice on our part. Now, a year later, we have 12 beautiful Compassion children in our family and I praise God for having them in our lives.

In three years, we have seen Precious change from a girl so shy she didn’t want to raise her head for a picture, to a girl with an aura of confidence.


When my friend JD was able to visit Precious last November, the project staff said,

Precious' health hasn't been well before she was registered, and since entering the program, not only has her health completely improved, but her personality and confidence has bloomed.

(Read more about JD’s visit here.)

Our journey started with one little seed, unknowingly planted by a friend when she mentioned Compassion.  Don’t underestimate the power of sharing this organization with people in your sphere on influence! 

In honor of this special day, will you join in a challenge?  I would love it if you could mention Compassion International to at least one person today. Share their link through social media, tell the person at the post office who you’re mailing a letter to, tell a friend about a recent letter you received…. Plant a seed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mail Call!

It is Monday and today we were blessed with a letter from our little Madina in Uganda.


Madina recently turned seven and I was so excited to see her own handwriting on this most recent letter! I am sure, like our Luna, Madina was given something to copy in order to write her answers into the My Project template. (I know that some have complained about the templates that are now being given to the younger children, but I think they are a wonderful way to learn more about our children!)


Madina is not the first of our African children to mention net ball, so I looked it up (like I had meant to do many times before) and found a short video.

The passing and tossing of a ball into a hoop reminds me a little of basketball.

We also received on of the Step into Your Child’s World brochures from our Necheshia in Kenya.  As always, these brochures are enjoyed by everyone in our home. We love to learn more details about the cultures and countries our Compassion children come from.

What about you?  Have you received any letters from your Compassion International children lately? If so, please share in a comment or share your Mail Call blog post below!

Mail Call, please be sure to tell your readers that you’re linking up with Blogging From The Boonies’ Mail Call Monday and link back to this post! You’re free to grab the Mail Call image at the top of this post as well! Take a minute to visit those who have linked up and support the blog community.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Breaking News & A Dollar Tree Score!

Yesterday, the announcement was made that the OurCompassion website is going to be switching to an all new, more user friendly platform on this coming Tuesday.

OurCompassion Button

As I shared on this post on the official Compassion blog, OurCompassion is a unique website created for sponsors.  Being a part of the discussions over there has changed how I sponsor and has taught me so much.  The community is full of support and people sharing ideas and inspiration.

While the OurCompassion site is full of potential, the way that it is currently set up can be a little confusing to some people.  The discussions happen in the Community Journals and many people don’t stick around long enough to figure that out.

This new platform will be more intuitive and easier to navigate.  Discussions will take place on a discussion board, a format many are used to.

If you haven’t joined OurCompassion, I hope you will take the time in the coming week to log in and look around. It is truly a community for those who love sponsorship and all that goes along with it!

Now, on the great Dollar Tree score of the week.


These sweet little dollhouses are made out of cardstock and are sized to be able to fit within the mailing requirements given by Compassion International. Each set comes with two paper dolls and at least one pet.

IMG_0840 This tea house is adorable and one of the dolls included has brown skin. (I’ve found it isn’t always easy to find items with an African complexion, unfortunately!)

IMG_0841 The castle set comes with a prince and a princess, as well as a dog and a dragon.

IMG_0842 The town house comes with two girls and a puppy and one of the girls has brown skin as well.

In our Dollar Tree store, these were located in the girls toy area on the bottom shelf.  They were sort of tucked under some things, but I knew what I was looking for and found them with a little bit of searching.

One member on OurCompassion said that the bases to the dolls fit a bit loose, so I may cut out some new bases like she did so that the dolls don’t fall over. 

Have you found any neat items to send to your Compassion kids lately?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Beautiful Heart

“I hope Harry is there next time we come.  I really like him, “ Kaya said as we were walking out of the lobby of the continuing care center yesterday.

I remember the first time we went to visit the seniors at the nursing home.  Knowing that Kaya is usually timid and reserved in new situations, I wondered if she would stand at the edge of the room or linger at the fish tank instead of mingling with the white-haired residents.

On that first visit, Kaya just blew me away with the way she instantly felt at ease.  She flitted like a butterfly from person to person, saying hello and conversing with everyone.  She brought plenty of smiles and sometimes teary eyes to those she visited.

Yesterday, during our regular monthly visit to the senior center, the staff had set out a craft and a few boxes containing “state bingo” and “spring bingo”.  As we were playing, a staff member wheeled an elderly gentleman next to me.  Harry sat hunched in his wheelchair and his curled fingers had to work hard to move the bottle-cap markers to the various spaces on his bingo cards, but he did it. He didn’t speak, but would communicate with vocalizations and a nod of the head and a smile.

After Kaya finished her craft, she came over to play bingo and I asked if she would want to sit on the other side of Harry and help him look over his card and point out where he needed to put his markers.

When we go to visit the elderly, we come across all sorts of people.  Some of them are very coherent while some are in differing stages of dementia. Some can carry on a conversation and some cannot.  Some can walk, though most rely on a walker or a wheel chair to get from place to place.

While I wondered how Kaya would react to Harry, it was easy to see from her smile that she took to him right away.

She didn’t see his crooked body or hazy eyes.  She didn’t wrinkle up her nose when Harry would occasionally drool and dab it up with the white hanky clenched in his right hand. It didn’t matter to her that he made guttural noises instead of conversation.

Kaya saw beyond all of that.

She saw a person who, while he couldn’t say so in words, beamed with pure joy when he was told he did in fact have a tulip or a chick on his bingo card. 

She saw someone who was worthy of friendship, worthy of a smile and a gentle touch.

She saw someone worth loving, and she did just that.

So today I am taking part in Brooke’s One Beautiful Thing and sharing one of the most beautiful moments of my week.


Our Kaya Jade with her beautiful heart; how blessed we are to have her in our lives.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writing into a Void

(Today, I am happy to share a guest post by Beverly Yearwood!)

I recently read a journal on Our Compassion where other sponsors had mentioned they felt they were writing "into a void" to children they rarely hear from. I have also felt this way, and had to struggle to continue writing, but I hope this will encourage you.

Of all of the children I sponsor and correspond with, I only have a close relationship with one child. I faithfully write to all 7- individually- at least once a month. I also pray for them every day. They have this commitment from me whether they write to me or do not write to me.

Do I always feel like writing into a void? No, but I do it anyway.

What keeps me going through these struggles with the "void" I feel in these sponsorships?

These letters and prayers are my service to God through them. Even if they never respond to my letters, I am serving God just by writing to these children. I am also serving God by praying for them.

God loves me unconditionally. He wants me to show others his love. What better way to show the love of God than to write to them without any expectations from them. Can you imagine how empowered a child in poverty must feel when someone chooses NOT to give up on them, even when they’ve added nothing to the relationship, and instead writes words of encouragement and love personally for them? We must remember that these children are in the worst of circumstances and may be too insecure to express themselves in a letter. It may be that they love receiving your letters but feel inadequate to respond to the letters. Can you imagine the power your unconditional love will be in their lives in a third world where poverty has told them they are unworthy of love?

I've had to deal with a lot of doubts and struggles writing "into the void" but I just keep telling myself:

It's all about Jesus!”

Even if my letters never make a difference here on earth, I hope to hear God say "Well done my faithful servant. For you wrote letters to me when I didn't respond, for you prayed for me without being told that I had a need, for you spent your hard earned money on me instead of enjoying it yourself, and you even sent me gifts. For what you did for your sponsored child, you did for me"

I hope that this encourages you to continue sponsoring, writing, and praying “into the void” you may feel when not receiving correspondence from your sponsored children. Some children write to their sponsors often, while some do not, but they are all loved equally by God and should be loved equally by us also.


me and jamie

 Beverly Yearwood is a Compassion International Financial and Correspondent Sponsor and Child Advocate. She lives in Vicksburg, MS and is a salon owner and stylist at Pemberton Hairstylist, LLC. Beverly and her husband Jamie have one 12 year old son named Cole.

Beverly became an advocate in April 2012 and has helped 24 children find sponsors. She has concentrated my advocacy for Kanyaryeru Child Development Center and have recently developed a “UG-436 Sponsor community” by finding sponsors for 8 of the children at this center (and continuing as sponsorships are needed).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Mail Call!

Several Mondays each month, Compassion International sponsors link up here and share posts and comments about any happy dances they’ve had at the mailbox.

Trips to the mailbox haven’t been too exciting lately.  I’m used to the ebb and flow of letters from our Compassion kids and try not to get too discouraged when days and weeks go by without a letter.

Today, we received an updated picture of our Kazihizina from Rwanda.


When we were first assigned to Kazihizina, I was immediately struck by the haunted look on her face. I contacted Compassion to learn more about her and was told that she had had a few sponsors. The first wrote to her a couple of times and then second never sent a single letter or gift in years. 

Since the time she has joined our family, she has been showered with love and encouragement. We’ve sent along little treats and have been sure to remember her on her birthday with financial gifts. Kazihizina doesn’t write much, but we hope that our faithful outpouring of love has some sort of effect on her.

In her newest picture, she is wearing a fashionable outfit and, if I gaze at her face long enough, I can see slight difference. (Maybe it is wishful thinking?) I see a little more life in her eyes and less of a veil of sadness. It is my hope that, more than an outwardly change, there is a change within her heart. I pray that she knows that there are people across the ocean that love her and a God above who does as well.

Have you received any letters or pictures from your sponsored child recently?  If so, please link up below! 

Also, if you join in on the Mail Call, please be sure to tell your readers that you’re linking up with Blogging From The Boonies’ Mail Call Monday and link back to this post! You’re free to grab the Mail Call image at the top of this post as well!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Praise

Rock the Lakes is in Rochester this weekend. Jay is volunteering as a counselor there and the girls and I watched the live streaming of the event from our computer yesterday. Tears flowed down my face as I watched many come forward and accept Jesus into their hearts.

At one point yesterday, they played a movie that told the testimony of Brian Welch, formerly of the band Korn. I had goosebumps as Brian told his story of redemption, not only because of how dramatic it was, but also because I felt a connection.

Jay and I were not involved in hard drugs, but like Brian, we hit our own “rock bottom” before we were open enough to reach out to God.  My husband struggled with alcohol and we both had our own demons that we had to overcome. (You can read more of our testimony story if you click my “About Me” tab above.)

So, today’s praise will not be a song, but rather a story of how Jesus changes lives.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;

old things have passed away;

behold, all things have become new.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Snapshots

Today I’m sharing a few random photos from our week!

IMG_0706 Luna has a habit of falling asleep in random places.  She had a pillow stuffed into this box and was playing a video game in there before she decided to take a little nap.

IMG_0713 It is hard to believe how fast our Kaya is growing up.  Since we’ve started taking horseback riding lessons, she has been going for a bit of a cowgirl look.  I think she’s just beautiful, but f course I am biased. ;)

IMG_0742 We are so thankful that we’ve found really affordable lessons given by a fellow Christian homeschooling Mom! It is a highlight of our week!

IMG_0759The cottage that my husband is building for a client is coming along beautifully. I am so proud of his craftsmanship!

IMG_0795 Yesterday we spent part of the day at a nearby amusement park with some of our homeschool community.  We all love the thrill of rides!

IMG_0806 Kaya knows that coaster are more fun if your arms are up!

IMG_0802Luna thinks the same goes for turtles!

That is our week in review!  I hope that your past week has been enjoyable and that your weekend is blessed!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We’re Walking for Water!

As a Global Service project, our family is heading up an event to raise funds for Compassion International’s Water of Life initiative!

Have you heard of Water of Life?  If not, please take a minute to check out a few of these links.

BFTB previous post on Water of Life

Compassion’s Water of Life site

Jonesbones’ recent post showing WOL in action

While I have never planned an event like this, I felt an urging on my heart to get our family involved in a Global Service project.  I felt led to choose Water of Life and, after talking it over with my girls, we decided that Walking for Water might be a neat way to spread the word and raise funds.

Next month, we will set up a Water of Life filter system in our small town.  Then we, along with any friends who want to participate, will walk a half mile to the village creek to collect small buckets of water.  This will be a great lesson that shows the reality for so many in this world.  Having access to water with the simple twist of a faucet is a luxury that many people cannot fathom. We’ll then walk back to our display and pour any water we’ve collected into the Water of Life collection bucket. (I know that the children will probably slosh quite a bit of water out as we walk back, so I will have a few jugs of dirty water set aside as well.)

We are asking friends and family to consider sponsoring our walk. While we hope to collect $550, enough for ten Water of Life filter systems, we will happily accept donations of any amount!

If you would like to help us kick off this month of fundraising, please feel free to visit our event page online, which has information and a place for secure online giving. (You can access our page by clicking the banner below!)


And, as always, your prayers are appreciated!  Thank you!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Blogging Tips

In January of 2008, a friend on a mothering community I was a part of had an idea of sharing a photo a day. This Winter Walk photo project sounded interesting and I thought I might start one of those blog  things to post my daily pictures.

When it came time to choose a name for the blog I was starting, I fell back on my ever-favorite alliteration and quickly typed Blogging from the Boonies. I didn’t have a clue that years later I will still be blogging and loving it!

Since this blog was started I have come to the Lord, married my husband, been through two heart-wrenching custody battles, fallen in love with Compassion International and have also come to know many wonderfully amazing people along the way! This blog has evolved in those years, as much as I have.  What was initially just a place to share little snippets and photos of our daily life with friends and family has grown to a blog with a ministry to reach out to and inspire sponsors.

I often get comments and emails asking me about blogging, so I thought it may be time to share a little bit of a How-To as well as a few tips that may help. Please keep in mind that I am, by no means, a “professional” blogger.  I’m also not very techy, but I’ve managed to figure out a few things along the way.


Starting with the basics, I chose Blogger as my blogging platform those many years ago. Most people seem to use either Blogger or WordPress to host their blogs, with many thinking that WordPress is better.  I only have experience with Blogger and have been happy with it, so I didn’t join the masses when so many bloggers decided to switch over to WordPress. In my opinion, Blogger suits my needs well.

About a year ago I bought my own domain name and I was able to easily connect my Blogger account with

I write up my blog posts using Windows Live Writer.  This is a free program that allows me to easily write up my posts offline. I started using this because I was having some issues with posting directly from blogger and getting my photos inserted into my post exactly where I wanted them. When I am done creating a post on WLW, I just hit the “Publish” button and the post is put up for me.

I think that the most difficult thing I have customized for my blog was setting up Intense Debate for my comments.  Blogger’s default method for comments doesn’t allow you to reply to each comment separately and I really wanted that feature.  While it did take a little while for me to figure out how to set up Intense Debate on my blog, it was a matter of following their directions step-by-step.

Now that I’ve shared the basics, I would like to share some tips that I’ve gleaned over the last few years.

  • Reply to comments.  Comments are like gold to most bloggers.  If someone has taken the time to read your post and leave you some feedback, it is really nice if you could take a minute to reply.  Of course, we all get busy from time to time and may let a comment or two slip by. We are human! But, try to make it a habit to reply to comments as much as possible.  Again, using Intense Debate makes it easier to reply one by one and also will send an email to the person you’re replying to.


  • Make it easy to comment. I love this post: Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Commented on Your Blog (Yet). If most people have to log in, type a comment, then enter a “captcha” phrase before they can leave a comment, chances are, they are not going to spend the time. If you’re not using something like Intense Debate, go to your blog settings and remove the need to go through those various steps in order to comment.  Chances are, you will be rewarded with more comments!


  • Try to make your blog easy on the eyes. While fancy fonts are ok for headers and blog titles, set the body of your blog posts to a nice, easy to read font.  Generally, a dark font on a light background is a lot easier to read and you’ll want to be sure your font is large enough that most people will not have to squint.  Also, the more clutter you have on your blog, the harder it will be to focus on the text in the posts. One last thing, when typing out your posts, be sure to add lots of page breaks.  If your posts are one long paragraph without breaks, most readers will not take the time to read the whole thing.  Separate paragraphs and skip a line between them.


  • Don’t give your blog a theme song.  Some bloggers have set it up so that music starts to play as soon as you load their page.  This is irritating for many reasons. For some, this makes computers run slow or freeze up. For others, if the volume isn’t set right, the unsuspecting blaring music can startle a reader right out of their skin. (Ask me how I know!) Also, this competes with the background noise or music already playing in a person’s home when they come to visit your blog. If you want to share a song, set it up so that a reader can follow a link, click a button or choose to watch a video to hear it.


One other question I get asked is, “How do I gain readers?”  The truth is, when you start out in the blogging world, it takes a while to gain a readership.  It also takes a bit of effort.  My advice would be to follow blogs that interest you. (I follow blogs using Google Reader.)

  • Make time to comment on posts that touch you.
  • Start a Facebook page for your blog and be sure to promote your new posts there.
  • Create a blog button that others can grab and put on the sidebar of their own blogs. Here is mine! (Feel free to copy the text in the box and put it on your sidebar!)

  • Join in other blogger’s link ups.  When I put up a Monday Mail Call post, I usually have a place for other bloggers to link to their Mail Call posts. We Are That Family has their Works For Me Wednesday link up. Gypsy Mama has her Five Minute Friday. By joining in these, you may have new traffic find your blog.
  • Write a guest post for another blog. Currently I am looking for people to guest post here at Blogging From The Boonies.  When I share your guest post, I will also share a short bio for you (if you wish) and the link to your blog. You do not need to be a professional writer, just share something from your heart!  If you wish to discuss the possibility of guest posting here, please email me at

Well, I have a couple of girls that are eager to get ready for a trip to the beach today, so that means it is time to close up the computer and start the day.  I hope that these tips have been helpful!  If you have any questions or tips to share, please leave a comment!  Like I said, comments are like gold and are so appreciated!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

I wanted to share this picture that sums up the beauty of living in the boonies.

Yesterday morning, I was in my bedroom doing a quick workout while my girls and three friends were running around in the yard and riding bikes in the driveway.  I happened to glance out of the widow between songs and I noticed this young buck standing at the edge of the lawn.


Despite the noisy and active children, the dogs and cats in the yard and the occasional slamming of the front screen door, the deer quietly stood in the shadows for quite a while, just watching. He seemed genuinely curious.

Eventually, he calmly slipped into the woods and continued his journey.  It was a beautiful moment that made me smile.

I feel so blessed to live where we do, surrounded by trees and chattering birds. I’m thankful for encounters with God’s beautiful creatures and a moment to stop and simply observe.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Chocolate Chip Hummus

Just like the whole green smoothie thing, it took a while for me to even consider making this chocolate chip cookie dough dessert hummus I was seeing pop up around the interwebs.

In my mind, the word hummus doesn’t really go with the word dessert.  I imagine savory and spices, not vanilla and chocolate.

But, I broke down on Thursday and decided to give it a go.  We don’t eat a lot of sweets in our home and I do like to push healthy foods as much as possible. If I can dole out a dessert that has some nutritional value, I’m happy.

So, with a bit of trepidation, I got out a can of garbanzo beans and the rest of the ingredients.  After reading through just a handful of the eleventy bazillion different recipes for this concoction, I got sort of daring and decided to take a little from what I read and wing it.


Here are the ingredients I used:

  • 1 can of garbanzo beans
  • 3 tbsp of sweetened vanilla almond milk (If you use regular milk, you may desire more vanilla and/or sweetener in this recipe.)
  • 3 tbsp peanut butter
  • 3 tbsp oats
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • handful of chocolate chips


Based on hints gleaned from reading, I took a few minutes to gently squeeze the skins off of most of the garbanzo beans. Apparently this makes for a creamier hummus. Then, I put everything but the chocolate chips into the food processor and gave it a whirl.  It didn’t take long to mix up, maybe 45 seconds!


Then I added a handful of chocolate chips and mixed them in.


The real test came next.  I handed a bowl of this dessert hummus over to my girls.  We didn’t have graham crackers to dip into this, which would have been good, so we used Ritz style crackers instead.  Their bowlful was devoured in no time. Some people will dip apples or celery into this mix.

Now, my husband came into the kitchen while I was making this, so he knew what was in it.  I took a tiny bite, trying to get myself past the fact that this was dessert made with beans. I was amazed at how good it was and handed a spoonful over to my husband.  He gave me a funny sideways glance, but decided to try it.  Another thumbs up!

Well, whaddya know?  Another internet sensation that was worth trying!

Have you tried making this or something similar? What did you think?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twin Blessings

As I am known to do, yesterday I was looking through the Compassion website.  While I was praying over the orphaned children, I found what I thought was a mistake: two separate child listings showing the same child.


After clicking to see each profile, I realized that these two girls were twins.

These girls and their siblings live with their grandparents in Ghana.

When I shared their links on Facebook, a friend told me that these girls were on the Compassion site a few months ago, so I emailed Compassion to ask for more information.

“In reviewing the information for these two children, I see that they were registered into the Compassion program in February 2012. They were chosen by a sponsor who then had a change of heart and subsequently cancelled the sponsorship. These children have been available, for the second time, since May.”

While I know it is very common for people to sign up to sponsor and then drop the child within a month or two, it still breaks my heart.  I cannot help but wonder what the children think when this happens.

I would love to see Kani and Kponkpong receive the news of sponsorship very soon. If you would like to visit their profiles or pray over them, it would be a blessing.  This would be a great sponsorship opportunity for the parents of twins or even for various small groups like Bible study or Sunday School classes.

(Click each girls’ picture to visit their profile on the Compassion website!)






Also, please feel free to “like” this post or share it via social networking or blogging so that we can work together to find sponsors for them!

Thank you!