Friday, December 14, 2012

Correspondents Needed!

About two weeks ago, Compassion International put out a call on their Facebook page.  A generous person had sponsored many children and there was a need for 250 correspondents. Many of my friends volunteered to take on and write to more children and I have loved seeing who they have been matched up with.

Yesterday, Compassion put out the same call, only this time they have 300 children who need correspondents.  Sharing their post on Facebook:

Here’s something to brighten your Thursday- We have another 300 correspondent children available right now. These children have sponsors that can’t write for a variety of reasons, and we’re looking for some of you who would be willing to write them a minimum of three times per year. You may request one correspondent child by emailing us at with a subject line of “Attention: Janna”

. Here are some guidelines:
- Only one child per sponsor. If we have more children available, we will assign you another child.
- You may request a child even if you already have three (the current maximum) and even if you already requested one from the previous 250 we had available.
- You will receive an email letting you know you have been added to the list.
- We love talking to you, but in order to serve sponsors as best we can, we are only able to accept these requests by email.
- You will receive your new correspondent child’s packet in the mail in 2-3 weeks.
- There is no financial commitment to correspond with a child.
- At this time, we are only able to accept sponsors who live in the US.

Maybe you have the time and resources to write to another Compassion child.  If so, follow the steps outlined in the quote above.

As a correspondent sponsor, you will be the one providing love and encouragement to the child and you will be the person that they write to.  You also have the opportunity to send financial gifts for birthdays or just because. (In our case, most of our correspondent children do not receive birthday gifts or financial gifts of any kind from their financial sponsor. We budget those gifts in when considering taking on more correspondents.)

I did not take Compassion up on the offer when they initially had the 250 children needing correspondents, but I did email after hearing they needed people to write to 300 more. So, sometime next week, I look forward to seeing a new face on our Compassion account and welcoming a new child to our Compassion family!