Thursday, December 27, 2012

Correspondence Connections

As a new feature of BFTB, I’ll be sharing ideas for letter writing at least once a month!

This morning, we woke up to this.


Over the last 24 hours, an astounding sixteen inches of snow fell in our area.  If I had not already written 3 letters to all of our Compassion children this month, I would have hopped online to share this photo and describe the snowfall.

As it is, the letter I had sent online earlier in the week focused on snow. We had gotten our first accumulation of the season. (Last year was odd in that we barely had any snow at all!)

I shared pictures of our girls enjoying the snow and described the process of dressing and preparing to play outside in the winter.


I also sent a picture of our dog in the snow, as many of our children have enjoyed seeing pictures of him in the past.

Then, I described the beauty that can be found in snowflakes.


This photograph, by “Snowflake Bentley” fit well in the vertical space for photos on Compassion online letter writing tool. I went on to share how each snowflake is unique and that God also made each person wonderfully unique. I reinforced that each child was made special and one of a kind - that even twins have details and features that are different than their siblings.

“When God created you, I think He did a wonderful job! The Bible says that even the hairs on your head are numbered, which means that God knows even the little details about you.”

Maybe you do not live where it snows, and you don’t wish to send a snow-themed letter. This month, I also wrote to our children to share our activities during this December.

I shared how our girls were in a concert with some of their friends. They were excited to dress up and perform but were also a bit nervous.

I wrote about how we visit seniors in a nearby nursing home and how we feel led to share the love of Jesus with the residents, especially during the holidays.

I told about our town’s winter festivals and how there was a special project this year that involved painting a wooden cut-out of a snowman.


I wrote that, with this design I painted, that I hoped to remind others that Jesus is the “reason for the season” we’re celebrating.

Lastly, I shared a picture of our Christmas tree and described the process of bringing it in and decorating it. In years past, many of our Compassion children have remarked about the Christmas tree pictures we have sent.

An interesting conversation came up on OurCompassion recently.  One member shared that she hesitated to mention or share pictures of her Christmas tree (among other things) because she didn’t want to be insensitive.

As I shared on the Blogging from the Boonies Facebook page and also OurCompassion:

“I've had the opportunity to talk to several Compassion graduates about letter writing. What I was told is that these children absolutely know that our lives are vastly different. They know we have "American" houses and vehicles. They desire to know as much about us as we do about them.
Being sensitive is good but being *too* sensitive can keep us from sharing things our children long to know about us. Send them a picture of your Christmas tree! We have and our Compassion children have *loved* seeing it! Many thought it was funny to bring a tree into your house!
Send them a picture of your church, your library, your town. Let them get a picture of the things you enjoy and they will feel closer to you! Sure, you do not want to send a picture of a pile of presents, but please don't let hyper-sensitivity keep you from sharing glimpses of your life!”

Maybe you’ve been inspired to work on some letters to your Compassion children.  If you’re still not sure what to write, check out the links in my sidebar listed under Most Popular Posts!

If you’re a sponsor who has shared your letter writing topics recently, please feel free to link up and share!