Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

Outside… Overnight temps in the 20s means that everything was covered with icy frost crystals when I woke up this morning.

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My morning routine… When I open my eyes in the morning, I usually have to push at least one cat off of me before I can sit up. I say good morning to God and then make my way to the kitchen.  Usually my girls are already awake but are playing up in their room. If Luna hasn’t already fed the cats, I tend to that first so that they don’t keep trying to trip me.

Then, during the cold months, I tend to the primitive practice of starting a fire to warm the house. If we have done a good job of filling the wood stove the night before, there will at least be some embers left in the morning. Thanks to my carpenter husband’s steady supply of scrap wood, I usually have plenty of good kindling to get the fire going.  Once the flames and growing, crackling a popping, I am free to get my coffee and sit and wake up for a while.

Right now… Christmas carols are playing on the internet radio while my girls pack and prepare for their YMCA classes later today. Looking around, I have a bit of tidying to do before we leave for the afternoon. I will have to multi-task as the girls work on their learning this morning, that’s for sure!

I am thankful… for the reminder that, even when things seem tough for us, we truly are blessed.

I am praying… I have been hearing about so many people going through tough times, so my prayer list has been extra long as of late. 

I am also praying over the team of Compassion Bloggers who are in Peru right now. If you haven’t been following their posts, you can click here and see them all in one place.

Also, if you can, try to share the posts with those people in your sphere of influence. The goal of these trips is to bring a personal, first-hand account of the work of Compassion to a large audience. Like the work of Compassion Advocates, we work to plant seeds in the hearts of people and leave it up to God to harvest the fruit that comes from sponsorship.

Will you plant some seeds and share a post or two today? Which posts have moved you most so far?

If you have a little bit of “this and that” blog post to share today, please feel free to link up below!