Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of my window… Gray, gloomy skies are sprinkling rain on us again. While we did not have any damage from Hurricane Sandy, we’ve had days of rain showers.

Around the house… The woodstove is crackling and my girls are busy getting ready to start the day. I’m thankful that today is our weekly trip to the YMCA for homeschool group. With the wet weather, a certain six year old has been feeling a little “pent-up” and the gym class and free swim will hopefully help release a little energy.

Confession… Not only have I been neglecting my own blog this week, I also haven’t read many either. I’ve had computer work to do for my Pastor and a flurry of other activities have taken up my time. Sometimes I struggle with managing my time well.

The one blog post I did read this week was this one:

Gratitude, Answers, then Help : Shaun Groves

I have followed every Compassion Bloggers trip that has been shared since we started sponsoring in the summer of 2009. Truthfully, I think that I will be even more connected to this trip even though I don’t have a child in Peru, the country that will be visited. I’m still in a state of shock, thinking that in 2013, I will be joining the Compassion Bloggers team. Wow!

Excitement… There is a buzz of excitement in the house because today my girls have the chance to buy some goodies to go in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

This will be our third year helping with OCC shoeboxes and it has become one of my favorite things to do! Throughout the year, we collect giftable items to pack into our boxes of love. Our church has a packing party and we come together to prepare the gifts for the children that will receive them.

Today, I’ll be giving my girls some money and they will be able to choose some gifts to bring to the packing party.  Our Luna has recently learned how to jump rope, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she chooses a jump rope or two for her offering.

If you’ve never participated in Operation Christmas Child, take a minute to click the banner above to learn more!

For those of you who are packing shoeboxes this year, what kinds of things do you like to add to your boxes?