Saturday, November 17, 2012

Correspondence Connections

It dawned on me today.

Despite the fact that I have a heart to help sponsors with their letter writing ministry to their sponsored children, it has been a while since I have posted on that subject.

As I shared in one of my most popular posts, Yes, Letters Really ARE That Important, letters from sponsors go a long way to battle the lies that poverty whispers.

You’re not important. You don’t matter.

If you can commit to writing to your sponsored child on a regular basis, sending some words of encouragement and love, you will provide something so precious. Something that is possibly life-changing.

Today, I am launching a new Blogging from the Boonies series, Correspondence Connections. (Can you tell that I like alliteration?)

At least once a month, I’ll publish a Correspondence Connections post and share a little from our letters to our sponsored children. I may also highlight other tips or links for items to include with your packages.

These posts will have the option to link up, so if you are a blogger who has letter writing ideas, please feel free to join in!

This weekend, I will be using Compassion International’s handy online letter writing tool to send messages and photos to our family around the world. With a growing number of children, I am thankful for the ability to duplicate our online letters and personalize the opening and closing for each child.

I like to share church activities with our sponsor children and so I will be telling them all about the Harvest Dinner we had after our service last Sunday. I’ll mention how blessed we are to be able to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the Lord and how important our church family is to us. I will also tell our children how Kaya’s birthday was last Sunday and what a treat it was to be able to celebrate her day at church. Romans 10:12 may be a good verse to include.

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love,

in honor giving preference to one another

I have a few pictures from the Harvest Dinner that will go nicely with the letter, too!

If I have room, I hope to also share this month’s memory verse and tell the children that we’ve had a little bit of snow already this month.

Have you written to your sponsor children yet this month?  If so, what did you write about? Feel free to share in the comments section or link up below!

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