Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of my window…  A stiff wind comes and goes, making the trees dance and leaves swirl down to the ground. Each day, more trees are left bare. Looking out, I am reminded that it is time for me to start filling our birdfeeders with black oil sunflower seeds. I miss seeing our little feathered friends visiting the back deck.

Around the house…  My girls are just starting to wake up and I hear them chattering and laughing upstairs. As I look around, I can see that my house is a mess. Yesterday’s glasses still sit on the table, boots have been kicked off and lay net to the woodstove, the couch blanket lies in a heap and the kitchen counters are cluttered with random stuff. My mental to-do list is growing.

On the reading list… I am still enjoying the 12 week study I am working on, Seeking Him by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I have also started reading John MacArthur’s Twelve Unlikely Heroes. It focuses on people that God used to accomplish His work, and how they were unfaltering human.  They faltered, they struggled and at times they fell short. But God still used them. It really is a perfect book for me to read right now, as I struggle to come to grips with why God would see fit to use me.

I am hoping… I am feeling led to work more on memorizing scripture and hope to have more of God’s word hidden in my heart. If you have a minute, could you share one or two of your favorite Bible verses in the comments section?

My confession… This morning, I visited my Google Reader and had to do the dreaded “Mark All As Read”. My computer has been acting up and the bottom half of the screen keeps flickering and freezing. I haven’t been keeping up with other blogs as much as I would like to and when I stopped by my reader today, the number of unread posts was over 120. Overwhelming. I am also behind on replying to emails and some other computer work on my plate. We are not in a position to replace the laptop at this moment, so I am praying that this glitch is temporary or just goes away all together!

Some pictures from this week:

IMG_1415 A card that graced my mailbox and brought a smile to my face!



I love the zig-zag patchwork feel of this scene.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Links I Love to share today, due to my limited surfing.

I had a suggestion to make Thursday’s This and That a link up, so we’ll give it a shot. I did last week and no one wanted to link up, but I’ll try this week and maybe the next to see if there is interest.  Do you have a random This and That sort of post to share? You’re welcome to do so below!

Now to make use of the caffeine I just consumed and whip this house into shape! Homeschooling starts in about a half hour so it is time to straighten up! I hope that your day is blessed!