Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

Outside of my window…


From where my laptop usually sits, my view is of our dining room and the trees behind our house. The wind and rain from the recent days has shaken many of the leaves loose and a few of the trees are completely bare. Still, the flash of orange coming from the sugar maple and the deep maroon of an oriental maple bring color to the still-grey morning.

Around the house… My girls are chatting and eating breakfast while my mother-in-law’s cockatiel chatters and dances on his perch. A chill in the house means I’ll be getting up soon to start a small fire in the woodstove.

On the reading list… I am enjoying the women’s Bible study I’ve been attending on Wednesday nights. I really needed something like this with daily homework that forces me to get into the Word. Sometimes I am so distracted and “busy” that time in the Word takes a back burner, unfortunately. Reading the Bible is sort of like exercise. Both are good for me and they make me feel good, yet even though they should be done daily, I let other things take priority. Accountability (and homework) give me the added push that I seem to need!

I am re-reading… My friend JD has been such an encourager to me! I’ve read a comment that she left on my last blog post at least a dozen times.

A portion of that comment:

“My face hurts from smiling so hard!!
I saw this from early in 2011, when our preparations began for Ghana... saw it when I stood in the church office at Precious' Compassion center, (literally saw you signing the guest book!), saw it when God provided for your passports... and more... it was never a doubt, ever. The only thing missing from the picture was HOW God would do it, that is... until this compassion contest - my first thought was "Wow ... how creative a God we serve!" my next thought was, once again, as He did for Ghana... "God answers prayers long before we know how He will - faith in God can never disappoint."
Celebrating with you, my dear sister... "Never tire from doing what is good, for at the right time, you will reap a harvest - if we do not give up."
As for not being good enough, look what His word teaches us... Abraham and Sarah were "too old", David "too young, just a shepherd boy!", Mary was just a teenaged girl, unwed... The disciples were sinners... Lazarus was "too dead"... Forty years in the desert, isn't that "too long to survive"? The giants in the promised land were too big...”

I have also had to go back and read JD’s account of meeting our own beloved Precious in Ghana in 2011. I’ve been imagining myself in Ghana, if the Lord sees fit to send me there.

Feeling thankful… Really, that topic should just read I am feeling thankful. Period.

Feeling disappointed… I was searching the local online library catalog and was disappointed to find that there is no International Traveling for Dummies books. There really ought to be!

Now for some links I love!



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Here are a few pictures from this week!




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Time to finish the coffee, start the fire and get going on our day! Remember to look for opportunities to "do good”, today! May you be blessed, friends!