Monday, October 1, 2012

The Contest I Didn’t Win

Compassion International’s Blog Month has come to a close.  I truly enjoyed being a part of this amazing movement to share Compassion and try to connect waiting children with sponsors. I’ve been able to visit the webspace of a number of wonderful people with a heart to help the children of the world. What a fantastic community.

It goes without saying, my heart races at the thought of the free trip they’re giving away as a prize to the blogger who generated the most sponsorships through their blog during September. But, regardless of whether my little blog earned the highest number of sponsorships, I can tell you that *I* did not win the contest.

I surely did not.

In my heart, I know the names of the winners.

Josphat, Mercy, Jasson Pablo, Amisha and Olson. Roodline, Bo, Lynder, Kauany, Nicol, Brena and Angel. Elisha, Anderson, Marlon, Hugo, Alycia, and the ever memorable Elvis. Benny, Milda, Fik, Jameli, Harishuya, Emerson and our beloved Yolanda. Seemaben, Agnes, Yareccis, Soraida, Aneika and our new Magid. Milena, Dandara, Ernest, Jimmy, Pegy, Gabrielle and the boy sponsored by our church Sunday School, Onen. Karelia, Bryan, Claudine, Eimi, Sandesh, Zubeda, Jose, Yassmine, and my prayer child, Pascal. Eduardo, Melany, Halima, Shasika and a few children whose names I was not given…..

These beautiful children are the ones who have truly won.

They have been sponsored, and more than that, they have been sponsored by people who will take the time to send letters. These children will be loved, prayed over and encouraged. Their sponsors are good people with generous hearts.

My eyes fill with tears when I think of the many children whose lives will be changed and my heart is just humbled.

My sincere thanks goes to the absolutely fantastic OurCompassion community. If you want to see an example of a generous and encouraging group, please take the time to check out the OurCompassion website. You will not regret it! The OC family rallied behind me in an incredible show of support and I am filled with gratitude!

I am pleased to announce that Compassion International met their goal of finding sponsors for over 3,108 children during the month of September. A record breaking 3,159 children were sponsored! Praise the Lord! The blogger who will be travelling with the Compassion Bloggers will be announced on Monday the 8th.

In all of this, God gets the glory! Let us praise Him! Amen!