Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It Is Sinking In

It has been twenty-four hours since I read the news that I would be travelling with the Compassion Bloggers in 2013. While the news did come as a shock to me, as I was thinking it over yesterday I could see all of the ways that God had laid down this path before me and prepared me for this.

Amid my thoughts that I am surely “not enough” to go on a trip like this, comes the reminder that I have a strong and faithful God who is more than enough. This journey will, no doubt, bring me closer to Him and force me to focus on my reliance on Him.

To be honest, I have spent much of the last twenty-four hours in daydream land.

Here is what I did yesterday:

~ Wondered how I would keep myself occupied on an international flight when I can’t even seem to sit still for a half hour TV show.

~ Packed and re-packed an imaginary suitcase.

~ Googled “What do toilets look like in Africa?”

~ Triple underlined bring toilet paper on my list.

~ Thought about how I could tactfully decline eating goat or grub worms and explain that I am vegetarian without offending.


No.  Just, no.

(The picture is one of the grub worms that Shaun Groves and some of the Compassion Bloggers ate on the trip to Ecuador last year. :shudder: Click the picture to read Shaun’s post about this “delicacy”.)

Here is what I did NOT do yesterday:

~ Laundry

~ Vacuum

~ Sweep

~ Clean out the litter box

~ Etc., etc., etc.

Needless to say, I really need to do those things today!

Thanks to the posts yesterday and today on the Compassion Blog, I’ve had a jump in blog traffic! If you’re new around here, Welcome!!

My passion is helping sponsors understand the importance of writing to their sponsored children and sharing tips for the letter writing relationship. I’ve got all sorts of links for you on my sidebar.

If you are a sponsor and it has been over a month since the last time you’ve written to your sponsored child, could I encourage you to hop over to the Compassion website and send a note? Your child would be so happy to hear from you!

Now, I can no longer neglect my to-do list so it is time to get going on my day! I hope that your day is blessed!