Friday, October 19, 2012

A Giveaway!

I am just so blessed by the readers of Blogging from the Boonies! Your comments and encouragement bring a smile to my face!

In an effort to give back, I’d like to host a little giveaway!

The prize for this giveaway will be one tee shirt from the Compassion Store! You will get to pick the design and size to suit you!

Maybe you’d like this soft and stretchy grey shirt!

Ladies Ask Me Shirt

(Confession: I love this shirt so much that I have TWO of them and I end up wearing it three or more times a week!)

Sun Mother Tee

Maybe this cheery blue tee is more your style?

Compassion Ladies Tee

Maybe pink is more your style. This shirt fits the bill!

If you prefer a men’s cut tee, they have plenty of those on the store site, too!

How can you enter this contest?  It is easy!

Through social media, spread the word about the importance of writing to sponsored children!

If you have a blog… write up a blog post that tells your readers why they should write to their sponsored children.  (You’re free to link to my post, Yes, Letters Really Are That Important! <Worth One Entry>

If you have Facebook or Twitter… please share at least two different updates that stress the importance of letter writing. <Worth One Entry>

If you do not have a blog, Facebook or Twitter… you can coordinate a letter writing event at your home or church. You could bring stationary and stickers to your church or small group to hand out to sponsors. <Worth One Entry>

If you do any of the above, please come back and leave a comment telling me! (If you shared a blog post, please share the link to that as well!) A week from today (10/26), I will choose one winner who will be able to pick any tee that they want from the Compassion Store!

Giveaway Rules: Participants must have a US mailing address. If the winner is not interested in a tee, they have the option to choose any item from the Compassion store that is less than $25.