Thursday, September 6, 2012

Four on my Heart

**All of these featured children have been sponsored!**

Today, I’d like to share four children with you.  While searching the Compassion International website this morning, these four orphans pulled at my heart for various reasons.


Thirteen year old Olson from Haiti lives with just his brother and sister. My heart always goes out to households being run by young people. What an enormous strain it must be on the oldest child, to look after and care for siblings. This family could certainly use an adult to step in and help provide support and encouragement.


The look on the face of dapper-dressed Talemwa is what drew me to him.  Now, I know that you can’t really read too much into the scowls on the children’s faces in these pictures.  Sometimes, they children have been waiting in line for a long time and they may be nervous about having their picture taken. Still, the combination of the sharp vest and the serious expression caught my eye.


I can’t help but want to hug sweet little Francis. This eight year old boy lives with his aunt and uncle in Tanzania.


It was the name that drew me to Lucky in Tanzania. Lucky is not a word that I would immediately connect with a young lady who has lost her parents. Yet, maybe today is the lucky day that she is chosen by a sponsor who will encourage and support her as she finishes up her time in the Compassion program.

If you have a moment, click each child’s picture to see their profile page and learn more about them. Please pray that their wait for a sponsor would end soon.