Saturday, September 1, 2012

Can You Spare a Little Prayer?

As we swing into September, which also happens to be Compassion’s Blog Month, I’d like to take a minute to encourage my readers to pray over the children waiting for sponsorship.

At least once a week, I visit the Compassion International  website and pray while looking at rows of sweet faces and names.

My heart is especially drawn to three specific groups of children.

Generally, I first use the advanced search to look through the list of orphans.  My heart goes out to children who face, not only poverty, but the loss of their parents.


On the Compassion website, the profile picture for each orphan has a small blue symbol with an O on it. I look at the faces and pray that the Lord is helping fill their broken hearts. I pray that they are placed with someone who cares for them and does not resent the extra mouth to feed.  Of course, I also pray that they will receive a sponsor who is able to show them love and support.

Will you join me by clicking here and visiting the list of available orphans? Can you spare a minute to pray over them or even consider sponsoring one?

The next group I tend to visit is the oldest children available on the website.


I’ve been around the Compassion block long enough to know, older children are often passed over at events. Understandably so, people tend to be drawn to the sweet little faces of the younger set.  Girls seem to get sponsored more often than boys. So when I see these older teens, some of which look to be full grown men, I feel led to pray.

As these young men are close to completing the program, they’re that much closer to stepping out on their own and to being the spiritual head of their future family.

Will you join me by clicking here and looking over the oldest children available for sponsorship? They are on the verge of a big transition in their life and could use the support and discipleship of a loving sponsor.

The next group I search for are the children who have been waiting longest.


On some occasions, I have seen children who have been waiting over a year. Our Ncheshia was waiting 388 days before my husband and I decided it was time for his wait to be over. Patience is not an easy thing for a child, so I pray that they endure the time and are rewarded with a sponsor who will shower them with love.

Will you join me by clicking here and looking at the children who have been waiting the longest for a sponsor? I pray that they can be patient and that they do not take it personally, as children can sometimes.

Lastly, I like to just randomly look through the children.  Certain ones will call to me, whether it be because of a sad look, a cute name, a too-big suit or a sassy stance. (Go ahead, click each of those links!)

Even if you are not in the position of being able to sponsor a child right now, a few moments of prayer now and then is a great way to help in some way.

If you are in the position to sponsor a child right now, you can help me by hopping to the Compassion International page through any Compassion link or banner found on Blogging From The Boonies. The blogger who generates the most sponsorships from their blog in the month of September will win a trip with the Compassion Bloggers in 2013.