Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Cute Autumn Decoration

During the summer, our house is usually “decorated” with all sorts of things like dandelion bouquets, soggy towels, jars containing tadpoles, jump ropes and bike helmets.

There’s something about the cool autumn breezes and bursts of color on the trees that makes me want to cozy up our home a little. This time of year, I like to have a few scented candles around and I can’t help but want to place little pumpkins and fall type knick knacks here and there.

Yesterday was simply a gorgeous day, so I decided to see if my girls wanted to help make an autumny garland to hang over a couple of windows.

Kaya drew leaf shapes onto some watercolor paper. We discovered that maple leaves are tricky, so after the first free-hand attempt we decided to trace those. We used some fallen leaves we collected and observed the different designs and colorways on them. With watercolor paints, we attempted to capture some of the vibrant hues on paper.


This was a great time to experiment with how colors blend on the palette and on paper.


Once the leaves were dry, we cut them out, punched two holes into them and strung them up on a length of yarn. I think these sweet garlands look lovely hanging over our windows!

Do you have any favorite autumn themed crafts to share?