Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

August has a way of speeding by, it seems.

It is as if we realize that we only have so many days left to get to the beach or just enjoy blue skies and warm breezes. We sense that gray and rainy Autumn days are closing in on us.

Blogging tends to take a back burner in August and this month was no exception. Hopefully this bullet-pointy post of randomness will make up for a quiet month here on BFTB!

  • We’re raising monarch caterpillars again as a prelude to the kickoff of the homeschool year.  I am amazed at how quickly the little crawlers grow! I was captivated by the changed we observed during this process last year and I am looking forward to a front row seat again now!

(Here is a video I took last year!)


  • Our little Luna turned 6 this month. It is bittersweet to have your baby grow up, isn’t it? I had to shake my head and laugh as I was taking birthday portraits, Luna went from flashing a cute smile to posing with the infamous “ducklips”. I don’t know where those came from!




  • Then within a few days, her whole look changed when her two top teeth came out. Now she sports the classic, adorable six year old look.


  • I have been so encouraged by the outpouring of support shown by this wonderful blog community. Support has been coming in for the co-sponsorship of both Obwini Stephen and Kwagala Deborah in Uganda.









(You, too, can join in supporting these Ugandan teens by donating through the widgets found in the right hand sidebar of this blog!)

  • Speaking of Uganda, my husband happened to meet a sweet family at a Bible study last night who is planning on moving to Uganda soon.  He shared their blog with me last night and I loved reading about how the Lord is leading their steps.

  • Speaking of Uganda again, a sweet friend I’ve come to know through this blog and OurCompassion has a generous surprise to share during Compassion’s blog month. I will share more details in a few days, but this amazing offer will bless, not only a new sponsor, but a sweet girl in Uganda as well! Stay tuned!


  • Yesterday, as we were driving down a lovely country road on our way to horseback riding lessons, we were listening to a Matt Maher CD. I almost had to pull over twice while my girls belted out the words to Christ is Risen. The powerful lyrics were made even more so as sweet voices sang along. Tears streamed down my face and my heart swelled!


  • I also wanted to share this great blog post by my friend Jill, of the Compassion Family blog. Whether or not you homeschool, there are so many ways to get your own children involved in the sponsorship experience!
  • Lastly, speaking of blogs, I did not sit down to read many blog posts during the months of June and July.  This week, I attempted to stop by and visit a number of blogs but noticed that I was having a LOT of issues commenting on WordPress and Blogger posts alike.  For Wordpress, I seem to be getting a lot of error messages or it asks me to log in.  For Blogger, it seems that it is getting harder and harder to decipher the “captcha” phrases. If I try twice and get it wrong both times, I just end up moving on. I highly suggest going to settings and making sure you remove that step in the commenting process.

And, that is it for today! As the weather cools and we get into more of a daily rhythm with our homeschooling and activities, I hope to return to posting regularly.

May your day be blessed, friends!