Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mail Call *plus* a Prayer Request!

Several Mondays each month, Compassion International sponsors link up to share the news from their sponsored children around the world.

Today, we received a letter from Mkapa in Tanzania.


Mkapa thanked us for the “good letters” that we sent to him and he really enjoyed the pictures of horses. We’ve been using the online letter writing tool on the Compassion website at least once a month and I love being able to send up to three pictures with each letter.  We told our Compassion children about Kaya and Luna taking horseback riding lessons and included some pictures a few months ago.

May God bless you so much for loving me and for remembering me. My family and I love you so much and we are praying for God to protect you.”

It is such a blessing to have connections like this to families around the world.  Mkapa’s words go right to my heart and I just have to thank the Lord for leading to us to become involved with Compassion International and these wonderful children!

So what about you?  Have you received any letters from your Compassion children lately? If so, please feel free to share in the comment section or by joining our Mail Call link-up below!

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Next, I have a special prayer request for my wonderful blog community. 

This morning, I saw something on my Facebook newsfeed that made my heart literally race.

In the month of September, Compassion International will be giving one blogger the chance to join the Compassion Bloggers team on a trip in 2013

blog month

It has been a HUGE dream of mine to be able to travel and visit a Compassion project and see their work first-hand. The thought of possibly being able to win a trip sent me into a fit of giddiness, weepiness and anxiousness.

Now, I know, with a prize like this on the line, there will probably be some bigger bloggers joining in. I am hoping that my passion for Compassion and support from my wonderful friends, family and blog readers, I might just have a chance to win! While this BFTB community may not be as big in numbers, I know that we make up for it with heart!

(Edited to add: I just found out that they will decide who gets the trip based on which blogger has the most sponsorships come through their blog during the month of September.  I realize that many of you are at your limit for new sponsorships but you will be able to help by sharing my posts through social media and email!)

Your prayers are appreciated! When it comes time to share posts from the Compassion Bloggers assignments, your support would be treasured, too!