Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Co-Sponsorship Opportunity!

While perusing the oldest children available on the Compassion website, the charming smile of a young man kept catching my eye.


I tried to find a sponsor for Obwini Stephen, but day after day, he remained available for sponsorship. I asked on the Blogging from the Boonies Facebook page and OurCompassion if there was interest in co-sponsoring this young man.

I know how the co-sponsorship of Kwagala Deborah has been such a blessing to all involved.

This fine young man is no longer available on the Compassion website. I would like to offer my readers a chance to be a part of his life and support him as he finishes up his time in the Compassion program.

As a co-sponsor for either Kwagala or Obwini, you can choose to donate monthly or make a one time donation of any amount.  The best way is to do this through the secure ChipIn widgets on my sidebar. (I can also accept cash or checks through the mail but that does make things a little more complicated.)

As the family that heads up these co-sponsorships, I will be doing the writing most of the time, but we also give each child a “card shower” a few times a year and those who wish to may send me cards and small gifts which will sent on in one big bundle.

I will email you any updated photos or letters received by Kwagala or Obwini. Together we will pray for and support these two until they complete the program.

If you would like to join in as a co-sponsor of either Kwagala or Obwini, please click on the ChipIn widgets on the right and make your donation.  I will contact you through email and add you to the email loop for the child you’ve chosen to co-sponsor!

Thank you for your support!