Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ways to Follow BFTB!

Every Summer, the posts here at Blogging from the Boonies slow down a bit. Our family becomes busy with various activities throughout the week.

Even so, you may want to follow BFTB, one way or another.

Even on days that I don’t put up a blog post, I check in on the Blogging From the Boonies Facebook community. Feel free to join in the conversation or ask a question on that page! Click the blue FB button on the left to be taken to my page!

I’m not on Twitter very much, but you can still follow me and catch those few random tweets.

The envelope button in the middle with deliver my latest blog posts to your email inbox.

The orange button is the BFTB RSS feed.

Lastly, you can follow through Blogger.

Personally, I use Google Reader to subscribe to and follow my favorite blogs. That way, I don’t miss out on posts.  (Unless, of course, I don’t check it for a few days and come to find hundreds of blog posts waiting for me.  Sometimes I have to mark all as read so I don’t get overwhelmed!)

One way or another, be sure to follow BFTB! Our community is growing every day!