Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking In Water

As I shared previously, today was the day set for our Walking For Water event.  Our homeschool group planned to raise funds and awareness for Compassion International’s Water of Life initiative.

The plan for today was to meet up in town at 4:00 and then walk a half mile to the local creek, collect buckets of water and bring them back to our table to run through the filter.

We’ve had an exceptionally dry season and the weather forecast looked clear, but when I started driving to town I took note of some dark clouds in the distance. Just a little before 4:00, the sprinkles started.  By the time 4:00 rolled around, it was pouring.


Then, for good measure, it started to thunder!


We took shelter under the awning of an empty store and wondered if we should wait it out, call it off, or what.


After a few minutes, it became clear that this would not be some quickly passing rainstorm. We had planned to walk for water, not walk in water. So, we decided not to make the mile walk, but instead collected rain and water from the roof.


Some of the kids were daring enough to try the water. (I assured them that the filter cleans out the contaminants.)



On the way home, I was a bit disappointed that things did not work out as I had planned. I wanted to have more time to talk to the kids and get them thinking about how those living in poverty deal with their water issues.  I wanted us all to get a feel for what it is like to carry water for a distance and think of those who do that on a daily basis. But, while I was disappointed, I was also so thankful for each of the families that took the time to participate in the fundraising.

When I got home, we counted up the checks and cash that had been brought to the event. I was blown away.

You know, when the idea to do a Water of Life event first crossed my mind, I thought we might shoot for raising enough money to buy three water filters.  As I was setting up the FirstGiving website, I decided to shoot for a bigger goal: $550 which is enough for ten water filters.

By the time I added up all of the online donations and those given in person today, I was just amazed.

Working together, our group was able to raise $1,445 (so far) which is enough for twenty-six water filters.

That is 26,000,000 gallons of clean water that will be provided!!!


So, while our actual event got rained out, it is clear that it was not “a washout”.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us with prayers, publicity or donations! Thank you to the families who spread the word about this event and raised funds! Because of your efforts, twenty-six families will soon be given their new water filters! Praise the Lord!