Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Compassion-Inspired Lesson Plans

Did you know that the Compassion website has a page with several interesting lesson plans?  While they are geared towards homeschooling families, I think they would be a wonderful  learning experience for any family or group! I think they would be great for Sunday School lessons, too.

According to Compassion:

“These lessons help children learn about countries where Compassion helps children in poverty. They also provide a wealth of creative activities that lead to spiritual growth!”

Here are the five lessons plans currently available on the Compassion site.

Lesson One: Spiritual Emphasis: Evangelism

Lesson Two: Spiritual Emphasis: Stewardship

Lesson Three: Spiritual Emphasis: Giving

Lesson Four: Spiritual Emphasis: Prayer

Lesson Five: Spiritual Emphasis: Helping Others in Need

Also, I’d like to share the Quest for Compassion website.  Quest for Compassion is an interactive game of sorts.

“The purpose of Quest for Compassion is to educate your children about global poverty and help them develop a heart for the poor around the world. When children understand poverty, they grow into compassionate adults.”

While school may be out for summer, it is a great time to take on some educational activities as a family!