Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writing into a Void

(Today, I am happy to share a guest post by Beverly Yearwood!)

I recently read a journal on Our Compassion where other sponsors had mentioned they felt they were writing "into a void" to children they rarely hear from. I have also felt this way, and had to struggle to continue writing, but I hope this will encourage you.

Of all of the children I sponsor and correspond with, I only have a close relationship with one child. I faithfully write to all 7- individually- at least once a month. I also pray for them every day. They have this commitment from me whether they write to me or do not write to me.

Do I always feel like writing into a void? No, but I do it anyway.

What keeps me going through these struggles with the "void" I feel in these sponsorships?

These letters and prayers are my service to God through them. Even if they never respond to my letters, I am serving God just by writing to these children. I am also serving God by praying for them.

God loves me unconditionally. He wants me to show others his love. What better way to show the love of God than to write to them without any expectations from them. Can you imagine how empowered a child in poverty must feel when someone chooses NOT to give up on them, even when they’ve added nothing to the relationship, and instead writes words of encouragement and love personally for them? We must remember that these children are in the worst of circumstances and may be too insecure to express themselves in a letter. It may be that they love receiving your letters but feel inadequate to respond to the letters. Can you imagine the power your unconditional love will be in their lives in a third world where poverty has told them they are unworthy of love?

I've had to deal with a lot of doubts and struggles writing "into the void" but I just keep telling myself:

It's all about Jesus!”

Even if my letters never make a difference here on earth, I hope to hear God say "Well done my faithful servant. For you wrote letters to me when I didn't respond, for you prayed for me without being told that I had a need, for you spent your hard earned money on me instead of enjoying it yourself, and you even sent me gifts. For what you did for your sponsored child, you did for me"

I hope that this encourages you to continue sponsoring, writing, and praying “into the void” you may feel when not receiving correspondence from your sponsored children. Some children write to their sponsors often, while some do not, but they are all loved equally by God and should be loved equally by us also.


me and jamie

 Beverly Yearwood is a Compassion International Financial and Correspondent Sponsor and Child Advocate. She lives in Vicksburg, MS and is a salon owner and stylist at Pemberton Hairstylist, LLC. Beverly and her husband Jamie have one 12 year old son named Cole.

Beverly became an advocate in April 2012 and has helped 24 children find sponsors. She has concentrated my advocacy for Kanyaryeru Child Development Center and have recently developed a “UG-436 Sponsor community” by finding sponsors for 8 of the children at this center (and continuing as sponsorships are needed).