Thursday, June 14, 2012

We’re Walking for Water!

As a Global Service project, our family is heading up an event to raise funds for Compassion International’s Water of Life initiative!

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While I have never planned an event like this, I felt an urging on my heart to get our family involved in a Global Service project.  I felt led to choose Water of Life and, after talking it over with my girls, we decided that Walking for Water might be a neat way to spread the word and raise funds.

Next month, we will set up a Water of Life filter system in our small town.  Then we, along with any friends who want to participate, will walk a half mile to the village creek to collect small buckets of water.  This will be a great lesson that shows the reality for so many in this world.  Having access to water with the simple twist of a faucet is a luxury that many people cannot fathom. We’ll then walk back to our display and pour any water we’ve collected into the Water of Life collection bucket. (I know that the children will probably slosh quite a bit of water out as we walk back, so I will have a few jugs of dirty water set aside as well.)

We are asking friends and family to consider sponsoring our walk. While we hope to collect $550, enough for ten Water of Life filter systems, we will happily accept donations of any amount!

If you would like to help us kick off this month of fundraising, please feel free to visit our event page online, which has information and a place for secure online giving. (You can access our page by clicking the banner below!)


And, as always, your prayers are appreciated!  Thank you!