Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twin Blessings

As I am known to do, yesterday I was looking through the Compassion website.  While I was praying over the orphaned children, I found what I thought was a mistake: two separate child listings showing the same child.


After clicking to see each profile, I realized that these two girls were twins.

These girls and their siblings live with their grandparents in Ghana.

When I shared their links on Facebook, a friend told me that these girls were on the Compassion site a few months ago, so I emailed Compassion to ask for more information.

“In reviewing the information for these two children, I see that they were registered into the Compassion program in February 2012. They were chosen by a sponsor who then had a change of heart and subsequently cancelled the sponsorship. These children have been available, for the second time, since May.”

While I know it is very common for people to sign up to sponsor and then drop the child within a month or two, it still breaks my heart.  I cannot help but wonder what the children think when this happens.

I would love to see Kani and Kponkpong receive the news of sponsorship very soon. If you would like to visit their profiles or pray over them, it would be a blessing.  This would be a great sponsorship opportunity for the parents of twins or even for various small groups like Bible study or Sunday School classes.

(Click each girls’ picture to visit their profile on the Compassion website!)






Also, please feel free to “like” this post or share it via social networking or blogging so that we can work together to find sponsors for them!

Thank you!