Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Snapshots

Today I’m sharing a few random photos from our week!

IMG_0706 Luna has a habit of falling asleep in random places.  She had a pillow stuffed into this box and was playing a video game in there before she decided to take a little nap.

IMG_0713 It is hard to believe how fast our Kaya is growing up.  Since we’ve started taking horseback riding lessons, she has been going for a bit of a cowgirl look.  I think she’s just beautiful, but f course I am biased. ;)

IMG_0742 We are so thankful that we’ve found really affordable lessons given by a fellow Christian homeschooling Mom! It is a highlight of our week!

IMG_0759The cottage that my husband is building for a client is coming along beautifully. I am so proud of his craftsmanship!

IMG_0795 Yesterday we spent part of the day at a nearby amusement park with some of our homeschool community.  We all love the thrill of rides!

IMG_0806 Kaya knows that coaster are more fun if your arms are up!

IMG_0802Luna thinks the same goes for turtles!

That is our week in review!  I hope that your past week has been enjoyable and that your weekend is blessed!