Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Mail Call!

It is Monday and today we were blessed with a letter from our little Madina in Uganda.


Madina recently turned seven and I was so excited to see her own handwriting on this most recent letter! I am sure, like our Luna, Madina was given something to copy in order to write her answers into the My Project template. (I know that some have complained about the templates that are now being given to the younger children, but I think they are a wonderful way to learn more about our children!)


Madina is not the first of our African children to mention net ball, so I looked it up (like I had meant to do many times before) and found a short video.

The passing and tossing of a ball into a hoop reminds me a little of basketball.

We also received on of the Step into Your Child’s World brochures from our Necheshia in Kenya.  As always, these brochures are enjoyed by everyone in our home. We love to learn more details about the cultures and countries our Compassion children come from.

What about you?  Have you received any letters from your Compassion International children lately? If so, please share in a comment or share your Mail Call blog post below!

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