Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mail Call!


We were happy to receive a new letter from our beautiful Bertille in Burkina Faso!

Compassion 015

It is with joy that I write you this letter.  I am doing well as are my family. We are greeting you well. At school, my studies are going very well. We have just finished our second exam and I have passed. I am proud to be a child that you love. Thank you for your support. I hope that you are also doing well. We are close to Easter celebration. I would like to wish you a good celebration!  We are preparing with ballets, songs and Bible verses that we present on that day. At the center, they sew beautiful clothes for us that we will wear on the celebration day.  I ask you to pray for my studies and may God bless you!”

The bolded statement above made me teary eyed. I am glad that Bertille knows that we love her very much! I was also interested to know that the center staff sew clothing for the children.  I wonder if sewing is one of the skills taught to older children as a trade.

Have you received any letters from your Compassion International children lately?  I’d love to hear about them! If you blog about your letters, please feel free to join in the Mail Call and link up below! (It is appreciated if you can link back to this Blogging From The Boonies post, too!) You are welcome to grab the Mail Call image at the top of this post and use it on your blog as well!