Friday, June 22, 2012

Breaking News & A Dollar Tree Score!

Yesterday, the announcement was made that the OurCompassion website is going to be switching to an all new, more user friendly platform on this coming Tuesday.

OurCompassion Button

As I shared on this post on the official Compassion blog, OurCompassion is a unique website created for sponsors.  Being a part of the discussions over there has changed how I sponsor and has taught me so much.  The community is full of support and people sharing ideas and inspiration.

While the OurCompassion site is full of potential, the way that it is currently set up can be a little confusing to some people.  The discussions happen in the Community Journals and many people don’t stick around long enough to figure that out.

This new platform will be more intuitive and easier to navigate.  Discussions will take place on a discussion board, a format many are used to.

If you haven’t joined OurCompassion, I hope you will take the time in the coming week to log in and look around. It is truly a community for those who love sponsorship and all that goes along with it!

Now, on the great Dollar Tree score of the week.


These sweet little dollhouses are made out of cardstock and are sized to be able to fit within the mailing requirements given by Compassion International. Each set comes with two paper dolls and at least one pet.

IMG_0840 This tea house is adorable and one of the dolls included has brown skin. (I’ve found it isn’t always easy to find items with an African complexion, unfortunately!)

IMG_0841 The castle set comes with a prince and a princess, as well as a dog and a dragon.

IMG_0842 The town house comes with two girls and a puppy and one of the girls has brown skin as well.

In our Dollar Tree store, these were located in the girls toy area on the bottom shelf.  They were sort of tucked under some things, but I knew what I was looking for and found them with a little bit of searching.

One member on OurCompassion said that the bases to the dolls fit a bit loose, so I may cut out some new bases like she did so that the dolls don’t fall over. 

Have you found any neat items to send to your Compassion kids lately?