Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two on My Heart

Today I want to share two Compassion International children that are on my heart.

The first is a young man named Yaw.

Yaw (Click the picture to visit his profile.)

Yaw is 13 years old and lives in Ghana with both parents.  My heart sank to see that Yaw has been waiting 381 days for a sponsor.  Such a very long time to wait. Too long.  Click here to see Yaw’s profile on the Compassion website. Let us pray that he will be chosen very soon. 

Next is a beautiful little girl who attends that same project and school as our beloved Precious in Ghana.

Emmanuella (Click the picture to visit her profile.)

Emmanuella lives with her mother and she is eleven years old.  She has been waiting 231 days. I can’t help but wonder if she is friends with Precious.  Do they sometimes jump rope or play ampe together? Maybe she can even be spotted in this post by my friend JD, sharing details and pictures from her visit with our Precious. Some day, I may even get to meet her!

I am praying over these two children and hoping that their wait does not drag on much longer.  Please join me in praying over them!


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