Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday’s This & That

This morning…  I woke up to the sound of the new day’s greeting song of the birds.  There is something so lovely about the way our feathered friends chatter back and forth as the sun rises. We slept with windows open last night, which makes me smile.

As soon as Luna woke up, she ate her breakfast and headed outside to play with her frogs.  We have a little frog pond which is home to about twenty or so.


Around the house… the girls are getting a little bit of sit-down learning done before they head back outside to ride bikes and enjoy this gorgeous day.  Jay and his friend are in the basement woodshop working on some timbers that will go on the front porch of the cottage they are building.  In between the sound of the wood planer and the banging of mallets, I hear the two of them laughing.

This past week… has been a busy one.

On Saturday we joined our church family in Spring Cleaning our church. We spent hours on the random cleaning tasks that don’t get done on a regular basis. I also had worship practice.  I sometimes play the djembe drum with the worship team and it is very rewarding to use a talent that was a part of my “former life” as a hippie in a way to worship our Lord.

On Monday, our local homeschool community started learning how to play softball.  I was thrilled with the large turnout of homeschooling families.  We met a few new people and I think everyone enjoyed learning some of the basics of the game.


On Tuesday, Kaya and Luna had their second weekly horseback riding lesson. Words cannot describe how very thrilled they are to be able to have some time with horses and learn to ride. 


The farm we’re going to has many rescued horses. The ones that the girls ride are very calm and gentle.  I never realized that there was so much to learn when it comes to riding a horse.  It is a lot more involved than hopping up in the saddle and going!  Kaya is working very hard to remember all of the things that her teacher is showing her, like body positions and how to steer and command the horses.

In my prayers… are the Compassion Bloggers.  In just days, Shaun Groves and a group of bloggers will be travelling to Tanzania.  I’ve followed several of the Compassion Bloggers trips since we started sponsoring and each trip brings home stories that have deeply touched my heart.  Starting May 6th, be sure to follow the posts and share them with friends and family.  Seeing the work that Compassion is doing around the world is one of the best ways we can share how effective and powerful this ministry is.  On the link I shared above, you can also find buttons and widgets to add to your webpage. This post from Shaun Groves also has a variety of buttons and widgets for you to use.

Lastly today, I’d like to share a little birthday girl from the Compassion International website.  Little Fransisca from Ghana turned six today and she has been waiting a long 276 days for a sponsor. Please click her name in green above to see her profile and pray over her.  What a gift it would be to find a sponsor for her on her birthday!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to leave a comment, they are a real blessing to me!  Also, don’t forget to join the BFTB community on Facebook by clicking the F on the right hand sidebar!