Friday, May 4, 2012

Three Random Things


1.  I have an addiction to line dried bedding.  I simply love crawling into bed at night, to the smell and feel of sheets and blankets that were dried by fresh air and sunshine. When the weather is nice, I may strip the bed and wash everything a few times a week. During the chilly winter months when outside line drying isn’t feasible, I really miss this!


2. I don’t feel like I’m fully ready for the day until I have put on my favorite scent, African Musk, and have picked out some African beads to wear around my neck or wrists.  God has placed a love for Africa in my heart and I thank Him for that each day. I love these necklaces from the Vintage Pearl and have them on my “someday wishlist”. Aren’t they nice?


3. We’ve been experiencing what is called a “butterfly irruption” in our neck of the boonies these last few days.  I first noticed it yesterday as I walked to the mailbox.  In the six or so minutes that it took me to walk to the box and back, I counted over sixty Red Admiral butterflies hurrying north.  We’ve had lovely weather in the last two days, so it has been nice to sit on the porch and watch the butterflies flit about and listen to the orioles sing.

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